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The Golden Vagina

By Lumiere, published on Sep 3, 2013

If you have ever seen Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon the villain of the film is a hard hearted woman named Jade Fox. She was the lover of a Martial Arts Master who taught martial arts at an prestigious all boys school. The entire plot of the film is driven by Fox's bitterness which fuels her revenge. Fox is considered good enough for the Master to sleep with but not marry, and he refuses to teach her martial arts due to the simple fact she is a woman. Does art imitate life or visa versa? For centuries, women around the world have been used as the Golden Sexual Spoils of Economic Warfare but... (more)

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Philanthropy and Celebrity Are Like A Dance Between Lovers

By Lumiere, published on May 8, 2013

...a Public Relations firm had me buzzing between Fashion Shows at Lincoln Center, Chelsea Piers, The Standard and Milk Studios. In addition to managing the fast paced, day time madness of juggling press and my camera equipment during Fashion Week. My evenings would be spent hosting consecutive charity events to promote causes such as, annual New York City run-a-thon benefiting , and another great non-profit during the Opening Art Showcase at Trump and a local Gallery. My journey would be a consecutive,... (more)

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Things Are Temporary

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jan 3, 2013

... author of several Christian books including the mega-bestseller, The Purpose Driven Life which has sold over 30 million copies. The entire interview surrounded his charitable giving, because in 2005, he gave back 25 years of his salary to his church as well dispensing 90% of all other income to charity. It was a wonderful testament of how giving instead of spending can become overwhelmingly satisfying, and you could see the happiness on his face while discussing his actions.

Later this year my next novel will be published which addresses this very issue. It’s a story of one who goes ... (more)

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Generosity Is Sexy

By Randy Mitchell, published on Apr 6, 2012

If you were like millions of others recently, your eyes probably darted to the television set sometime in the later evening hours while the Mega Millions jackpot was being drawn. After all, there were only around 650 million dollars up for grabs to the lucky winner(s), and mostly likely, visions of what you could do with all that free cash flew through your mind at super-light speed as the balls on the screen began to drop into their final resting places. Winning the lottery is one of our ultimate fantasies, a sudden life changer (for better or worse), and offers a unique blend of hope and... (more)

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Keeping The Right Perspective

By Randy Mitchell, published on Nov 28, 2011

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the holidays in general give us all an opportunity each year to reflect on the people, circumstances, and things we have to be thankful for. The energy in the air during December always seems to be (at least for me) very positive and uplifting; a little cleaner and crisp, and filled with that certain charisma and charm making us more lighthearted and hopeful. Perhaps, it’s because I’m a believer, and feel that the days leading to the celebration of Christ’s birth gives me renewed hope that I’ll live again after my moments on earth are finally over. But more than... (more)

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Helping Others Begets Happiness

By Barkha Dhar, published on Oct 19, 2010

What if you were a child with potential worth a vista but were born and bred in darkness? What if you had futile dreams given the ebb of survival in Kolkata’s (Calcutta, India) red light area? Such was the epoch that little Avijit and his friends aspired in their uphill battle until Zana Briski, photographer, filmmaker and activist saw the unseen blooming in their dingy rooms. Zana’s appetite for giving back and her ardor to share smiles through her lenses gave a group of deprived children the pursuit of happiness. Grooming an excited bunch of children on photographic skills to recognize... (more)

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The Kindness of Strangers

By The Gaming Gentleman, published on Feb 21, 2010

...different ways by our time there. I realised that the suffering we see on television has a human face, that these people had overcome suffering many of us could not imagine, and that despite their situation they were filled with hope and excitement about the future. Although it is considered charity work, my time there was incredibly selfish. How could it not be when doing it had made me feel so good about myself?

Now I’m sat on a train bound for Liverpool, with my laptop on my knees and the dregs of my now cold coffee on the seatback, and I am determined to try and do more for... (more)

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