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Don't Get Crazy People

By Deborah Horton, published on Jan 7, 2011

...really good teams is not that great so far this season.

The Magic made a huge trade and after a few games, they started playing well together and their 7 wins are a little more impressive than the Heat. The Magic have played several top tier teams and won including the Spurs, the Celtics, and the "allegedly top tier" Knicks. Two middle of the pack teams in the Cavs and Warriors. And then two bottom of the barrel teams - the Nets and Bucks. All the Magic's wins have been absolutely dominant putting up big points over their opponents. The offense is really shutting down... (more)

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NBA Season So Far

By Deborah Horton, published on Nov 8, 2010

...Parity may be the name of the game in the NFL but in the NBA, there are the top teams and then there is everyone else.

In the Eastern Conference you have the Atlanta Hawks who were undefeated at 6-0 until Sunday night vs the Suns where they lost by 4 points. Then, there are the Boston Celtics at 6-1, Orlando Magic at 4-1, and the much hyped Miami Heat at 5-2. The Cleveland Cavaliers are next at 3-3 along with the New York Knicks with the same record. The Hawks have a very good offensive team that is getting better on defense. New head coach Larry Drew has instituted the motion... (more)

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