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The Perfect Person

By DKIdea, published on May 6, 2014

The perfect person. Do you think such a person really exists? I’m not talking from a religious point of view (I’m sure Jesus Christ was the first thought for many) but from the point of view that you look at someone and think…"wow, that’s perfection."

An obvious response to that question from men would probably be every time a Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition is available, or from women perhaps the People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive…but how often does that happen in everyday life with real people? How often does that reaction happen while you’re shopping, or getting gas, or out getting... (more)

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How to be Famous

By Ely North, published on Jul 3, 2013

Dear Ely,

I want to be an important, famous person. I want to be a celebrity! I want everyone to know my name, and care about what I say, and follow my every move, and talk about me, and take my picture, and ask for my autograph. I want to see my own face on television and magazine covers. I want this more than anything in the world! The problem is that I don’t have any real talent. I’m not good at anything. How am I ever going to become famous and get people to pay attention to me when I have no abilities?


Unfamous Fae


... (more)

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Paul Rodriguez III, aka P-Rod, a Child’s Skateboarding Hero

By HomeRearedChef, published on Jan 29, 2013

This 27-year-old distinguished talent is also a “hero” to many young skateboarding fans. And though he is the son of a famous Hollywood personality, he is still down-to-earth and totally approachable, as this young man proved on Thursday, October 18, 2012, (by invite-only) at Lake Cunningham Regional State Park, in San Jose, California, while filming a commercial.

To his credit to-date, P-Rod has won a total of six medals for his skateboarding abilities, four of them being gold. This year, 2012, P-Rod took part in AT&T’s skateboarding competition, and won. As the winner of the competition... (more)

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Nobody does it better

By Anastasia , published on Nov 7, 2012 it now seems he ‘fixed it’ for nightmares to come true also. Jimmy Savile, you see, stands accused of being a paedophile and a serial abuser of young people.

I confess I never liked the man; I thought him unprepossessing and grotesque. I’ve never been sold on the cult of celebrity in any case but he always appeared to me to be on the creepy end of the scale, not a person that I would like to spend any time with, a sort of Norman Bates mother-fixated obsessive. He was unattractive, certainly, but just as unattractive is the great British public and press in one of... (more)

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Maestro of Messaging

By p.d.adams, published on Feb 28, 2012

...of a distant laser, modulated to fall hard for dreams of glory upon its arrival. Incessant, now, wait, and then another as if a faint signal were arriving with an addiction memory.

It thinks distance itself is the destination.

Its content is semi-clear and yet, somehow, contains celebrity credibility--trying to make a name for itself in a free society with speed and focus alone. Its source is sending from a sector deemed as police.

The message will not delete but will exchange data to default mode. The meaning is changing and now it appears all ideas of confidence... (more)

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The Goddess of Instantiate

By p.d.adams, published on Feb 25, 2012

... most. It always will.

Far into the future she will remain actively quiet, without prayer, authorized to run on her own with little interruption of self-instantiated loops and corrections--the most perfect of creatures.

Hers is the kind of data future generations will hold up to a celebrity light.

She amazes even herself at the yottabytes she burns, often finding herself saying, This data has chosen me, I haven't chosen it.

She checks her screen, searches random data for cybermetric analysis, finds one (it reveals a location and cause of energy being released as... (more)

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Losing Sheen

By baynurse, published on Mar 6, 2011 and find a way to hold him for his own safety and survival, he is in severe danger of losing his life or can hurt another by his delusional thoughts, or psychotic behaviors.

Aside from all that, I find it difficult to see him exploited by sensationalizing his behaviors as a spoiled celebrity and not being treated as a mentaly ill patient who needs care and compassion and someone to step in and see what is happening and prevent him from ruining his life and way to make a living. He is not a sideshow or a baffoon as he is made out to be he is falling apart and losing his right... (more)

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