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Pope begs forgiveness of Catholic abuse victims

By Shaun Gibson, published on Jul 9, 2014

Pope Francis has begged for forgiveness in his first meeting with Catholics sexually abused by members of the clergy and gone further than any of his predecessors by vowing to hold bishops accountable for their handling of paedophile priests. Abuse victims and their advocates have long demanded that higher-ups be made to answer for the decades-long cover-ups of rape and molestation of youngsters in a scandal that has rocked the church and dismayed its worldwide flock of 1.2 billion. The pope celebrated a private Mass with six victims – two each from Ireland, Britain and Germany – at... (more)

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Holy Laughter

By melanie jean juneau, published on Jul 19, 2013

St. Francis of Assisi is the most famous, joyful saint. Look at our pope, whose name sake is Francis; his very countenance radiates authenticity, kindness, joy and the love of God.

Joy is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, not a gift given to a select few but a by-product of living in the Spirit. Sacred Scriptures exhort us to trust and embrace the joy of the Lord.

The Joy of The Lord is my Strength

Rejoice in the Lord always [delight, gladden yourselves in Him]; again I say, Rejoice!Philippians 4:4

You have put more joy and rejoicing in my heart than [they know]... (more)

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Desperate Hunger Energizes Curiosity

By melanie jean juneau, published on Jul 10, 2013

...was the Body of Christ

Thirsty for more of God’s presence.

Searching for meaning.

Empty, even though I was ’saved’

It drove me to



Because I was desperate I stepped out in faith,

letting go of old prejudices against the cultish, heretical Catholics

To accept the answers of the Catholic Church

Trusting in the witness of millions of saints who had gone before me

Embracing the unknown, the mysteries.

Walking into the Unknown

The Cloud of Unknowing is liberating



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Mary is Living in my Heart? Help!

By melanie jean juneau, published on May 23, 2013

...for herself in the poor girl’s heart, that’s what! If that was not bad enough, this perplexed young woman’s belief system would stay staunchly anti-Catholic for oh, about another 10 years, even though she had converted to Catholicism. I mean what choice did she have? Nobody but the Catholic Church even wants someone who craves the Eucharist and has a relationship with the Mother of Christ.

Obviously this young woman was and is me. God has a peculiar sense of humour and now I can look back and laugh at my dilemma. At the time, though I was shook up. As Pope Francis said at the ... (more)

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Turn the other cheek? No; I’ve bitten off your ear.

By Anastasia , published on Nov 12, 2012

... unholy punch up involved 80 year old Father Thomas Byrne, who is alleged to have bitten off the ear of 81 year old Father Thomas Smith. It wasn’t an eye for an eye or an ear for an ear; just an ear.

The brawl took place at the end of last week in a retirement complex funded by the Catholic Church in the city of Perth in Western Australia. Father Smith had sufficient presence of mind to wrap his ear in a tea towel, driving off to a local medical centre, where the staff called an ambulance and the police.

As surgeons at Perth’s Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital reattached the ... (more)

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Will the Pope Apologize for Rizal?

By Wanda Tuinphro, published on Aug 26, 2010

The Catholic church has never had a vested interest in prosperity as a way to pave the way for the spread of common Filipino decency. The Catholic church in the Philippines has always insured for the Filipino only misery, poverty, and indeed religious stupidity as the best way to maintain political and social insanity.Is the Catholic Church evil? Yes. It is the most evil institution ever devised by man. The Pope's apology for the vast amount of "sins committed by the church" in 2000 is not enough. It is ridiculous. The Pope has yet to apologize and to return the WEALTH stolen away from the... (more)

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Increase in the number of IVF clinics in India.

By Robert Simms, published on Aug 22, 2010

...second group of career minded couples who choose to wait until their careers were established before having children. Both groups are inherently selfish; choosing their own desires over what might be best for the child.Reading the Washington Post article, one can begin to appreciate the Catholic Church's policy concerning What’s Wrong With In-Vitro Fertilization:Father Tadeusz PachoIczyk, director of education at the National Catholic Bioethics Center in Philadelphia, explained that the Church teaches that the procedure is immoral for several reasons. "It undermines the meaning of ... (more)

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Pope Says World Politicians can be Excommunicated

By Steven Lane, published on May 11, 2007

Pope Benedict XVI kicked off his Latin American visit on Wednesday, meeting with Brazilian President Luiz Inaci Lula da Silva in San Paulo, Brazil. But the big news took place on the plane ride over from the Vatican. For those unaware, a couple of weeks ago, Mexico City politicians sent the Catholic Church into a massive "spin cycle" when it passed abortion legislation in the capital city of Mexico. On board the Papal Plane, Pope Benedict let it be known that Catholic politicians across the world, "risked excommunication from the Church and should not receive communion if they support abortion."... (more)

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