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The Dungeon

By Credo, published on Sep 6, 2013

Cool air swept briskly over the plains of the Shire, while the descending moon, [she] appeared to be saying; good night to the sun, who upon rising he replied, good morning. Why do you always have to run?

I remember vividly that all important morning, every moment of it, still playing around in my mind, like an unforgettable tune. The village populous began their early chores relatively slower than usual. The cattle hadn't even awoken, not even a dog barked or made its rounds. It never occurred to me that this late start was entirely unusual for the people of YorkShire. It was this... (more)

Tags: prison, jail, stocks, castles, imprisoned, dungeon, kings, kingdom

A Country in Romance

By Anastasia , published on Nov 20, 2012

Some of my school chums went to Durham University in the north of England, girls I used to visit for long weekends when I was an undergraduate. It was a super opportunity to explore a part of the country I did not know that well - Northern England and the Scottish borders. There is still a wonderful romance that clings to so many places here, an echo of old, unhappy, far off times and battles long ago.

One of the places we went to was Flodden Edge, the site of the camp of an invading Scottish army in 1513 led by King James IV in person. The battle of the same name wasn’t actually fought... (more)

Tags: poetry, england, scotland, anglo-scottish borders, castles, sir walter scott

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