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3 Amazing Mercedes Hybrid Vehicles to Show Off

By Annie Davis, published on Mar 16, 2014

Wouldn't it be nice to ride in style while still saving money on fuel and contributing to a cleaner environment? With Mercedes hybrid vehicles, you can do just that. While Mercedes doesn't offer a wide range of hybrids, they have successfully combined their reputation for luxury with an ecological image in several instances. Think you can see yourself showing off in a Mercedes hybrid? Consider one of these amazing vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz E400 Hybrid

The Mercedes-Benz E400 hybrid is the one Mercedes hybrid vehicle in the 2014 lineup. The vehicle boasts an eco start and stop system, a... (more)

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Exciting Automotive Trends in 2014

By Toni Okeson, published on Feb 5, 2014

... venues experts are able to see what automotive trends emerge as the ones to watch during the coming year. Here are some of the most likely trends in the vehicle industry.

Lightweight Materials

In the pursuit of fuel efficiency to meet government fuel economy mandates, the materials cars are made of are receiving more attention. One of the showcases is Ford's best-selling F-150, which now has an all-aluminum body. The conversion from steel to aluminum takes 700 pounds off the weight of the vehicle, which will provide better fuel efficiency. However, skeptics say that the... (more)

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Google Takes Another Step Forward with Cars

By TedLevin, published on Jan 7, 2014

In recent news, Google decided to partner with car makers Audi, Hyundai, GM, Honda, and chipmaker Nvidia to bring Android into cars. What does this news mean for the typical smartphone user?

Google has taken enormous strides in developing convenient and seamless ways to transfer information with a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone without losing any personalized preferences or information. All of these devices sync and create an incredibly convenient experience.

Yet, this same approach hasn’t been accessible in vehicles. The growing awareness against using smartphones while driving... (more)

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New Company offering UK Cars for export to Cyprus

By Motorimports, published on Dec 17, 2013

motorimports are an English company that have been exporting UK cars worldwide for over twenty years. Last week they launched and are in the process of building a new web engine that will allow buyers in Cyprus access to every UK car available from UK auctions such as BCA, British Car Auctions, Manheim remarketing, The fleet Auction Group and G3 remarketing. This provides a choice of over 30,000 vehicles a week. Company CEO Jason Duffy says that the experience they have setting up the biggest export network to New Zealand and Ireland will have huge benefits for Cyprus... (more)

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Top 5 Sleekest and Most Expensive Cars

By Toni Okeson, published on Nov 7, 2013

There are plenty of stylish speed demons for sale, but we’ve put together a list of the sleekest looking cars that happen to have hefty price tags as well. Some of these cars belong on the racetrack rather than the open road, but they’d all be fun to drive. These cars are well looked after by their owners and tend to stored in a safe auto vault, ensuring they stay in pristine condition. Take a look at these drool-worthy cars and the bank account needed to own one.


Topping our charts as the most expensive car is the MaybachExelero. Forget the seat belt, the Exelero... (more)

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Trolling And Why Its So Popular

By XX_BenDover_63XX, published on May 21, 2012

I am a regular internet forum user and i can honestly say trolling has become a major problem. Many people no longer use sites such as Yahoo Answers and some forums due to the unwanted responses from so called "trolls". I myself do not know why such silly idiotic pastimes are seen as funny. It just comes from people without a sense of humor or any intelligence. Though trolling is an immature pointless activity it is becoming increasingly popular and is further developing into greater and more sophisticated forms. Trolling is destructive and degrading to the creative and intellectual thought... (more)

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I drive, therefore I am.

By Skipper, published on Nov 4, 2011

...Go big or go home is my motto.

The inconvenience of not having a car was the rationalisation, but deeper down, it also felt like something was missing. I didn’t really miss driving: the bills, the fender benders, the parking tickets, the traffic, the officious cops. It’s the cars themselves that I missed. The lovely paint. The smooth curve of a fender. The engine that I have tweaked into a sublime harmony of moving parts, all doing exactly what they were designed to do. The attitudes one consciously or unconsciously adapts when driving the vehicle where others can watch. ... (more)

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Rules for Purchasing a Used Vehicle

By Auto Dealer Teacher, published on Feb 8, 2010

...predicted value of the vehicle. Having these more information will gives you the tools to negotiate the best possible deal on that little jewel you want in your driveway. Edmonds will equip you with tons of information about the vehicle that other sites will not.

Car Survey ( This is one of my personal favorites. It gives you reviews of the vehicle you are interested in from the people who actually own them! Word of mouth is the best advertising, and a review from someone who actually owns the vehicle you are interested in is invaluable. I use this site ... (more)

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UK Councils: Enforcing the Law or Stealing Money?

By upyours, published on Jan 28, 2010

...councils. However this has attracted the attention of the EU because of the possible flouting of procurement rules.

Just to finish, it's not just parking. In the UK some minor traffic offences have been deregulated and local councils have been able to enforce these by either CCTV, CCTV cars or parking wardens. These cameras are often placed out of site from the road user, aren't signed correctly and can be illegal. Nutsville gives an excellent example of the illegal use of a CCTV car here that shows a CCTV car enforcing an illegal sign. Camden have been doing it for years with... (more)

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Driving Down Crime

By Glenn T, published on Oct 21, 2009

...trait, and is not culturally exclusive. What you drive and the way you drive are some of the most American freedoms that we have. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a more universal example of our freedom of expression than our vehicles. And therein lies the genius of this new science. Because our cars say something about us that we’ve chosen to say out loud and to the world at-large.Reckless DriversAs the world, and consequently, traffic moves ever faster, reckless driving has never been more dangerous. And I know how to spot it before it happens. If you see a compact car that is painted... (more)

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