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How to Understand a Tarot Deck

By Erikoak, published on Dec 19, 2012

... quite a few things to learn when breaking into the world of Tarot card reading. The following information should give you a brief glimpse in to the realm of the Tarot and hopefully start to alleviate some of the mystery that it is shrouded in.

The Arcana

A typical Tarot deck’s 78 cards are almost always divided into sub categories. We call these sub categories the Major, Minor and Royal Arcana. The easiest way to think of this is likening it to a standard deck of cards. While a deck of playing cards has its suits, a deck of Tarot cards has its Arcana.

The Major... (more)

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2011 World Series Game 3 Cardinals v. Rangers

By TonyBerkman, published on Oct 22, 2011

...temperatures that will be approximimately 20 degrees warmer in Texas than in Washington, a ballpark that was the leading offensive stadium in the majors for runs scored and home runs during the regular season and a Texas team that looks like it may have gained some "mojo".Tony La Russa, the Cards manager, is well aware of this difference when he said that "The ball does carry here, and you're going to have some danger if you don't hit your spots." Sprinkle the line-ups with new pitchers and you may have what will be a "day and night" series. The first two games were clearly... (more)

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