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Casting Stones

By melanie jean juneau, published on Jan 24, 2013

... evokes. I admire Dudley's survival instincts and his pragmatism but I simply could not, would not ever kill another human so that I might survive. Nor could I imagine that I could stomach drinking blood and eating human flesh. I think that there is something in our genetic make-up that makes cannibalism abhorrent.

Yet who am I to judge? I have never been that desperately hungry. You do hear of people simply wasting away, no longer feeling hunger and simply slipping into a coma and dying. That choice seems easier for me to imagine. However I do not want to condemn a fellow human... (more)

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The Flesh of Others

By Anastasia , published on May 24, 2012

...reduced in their final extremity to eating bark and weeds.

Now I know that the picture was even worse; now I know that in their final extremity some people were reduced to eating not bark and weeds but human flesh.

It’s not all in the past. It would seem that occasional cannibalism has become part of life in this worker’s paradise. For some time now defectors have reported witnessing executions for cannibalism, the most recent in the town of Mushan only last year. Given the paucity of news intelligence coming from the North corroboration has all but been... (more)

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Ich bin ein Kannibale

By Anastasia , published on Jun 13, 2011

...isn’t it – it’s about how we disgust ourselves.” Frau Kemper was not too disgusted, though, going on to meet friends for lunch, perhaps enjoying one of the curry sausages for which the city is renowned.

Jeanette Zwingenberger, the curator, said that the negative perception of cannibalism is “...a typical monotheistic European division between nature and culture.” Yes, I suppose it is, something I shall bear in mind the next time I watch a cannibal holocaust. No, I shall not; for like the squeamish Parisians, I have not the stomach for this feast, for blood, for flesh or... (more)

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