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California Cannabis “entrepreneur” leads charge

By Christopher Wager, published on Nov 1, 2010

...measure really entails."

If this passes it would allow any adult 21 years or older to keep to an ounce of pot for their own use. One important point Mr.Lee and his team have not explained is how they plan to get around the Federal law that states no one shall be in possession or sale Cannabis. With only weeks away this debate will continue to draw fire from both sides. The opportunity here is the generating a tax revenue from the sales of legalized marijuana. The harmful effects of pot on the human body and brain are as well still under debate. Mr.Lee stated the use of pot... (more)

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Canada To Make Cannabis Cars

By Amanda J Evans, published on Sep 1, 2010

There was an article featured in the Times this week that really caught my attention. It is all about new cars and cannabis. Now you might be wondering what illegal drugs has to do with car manufacturing so let me explain. It seems that an advanced form of car manufacturing is being proposed and it is going to use cannabis. This all comes from a group of companies that are based in Alberta. They are planning on designing a new electric car called the Kestrel that will have its body made out of hemp mats.The car itself is going to be designed to carry up to three passengers and it will... (more)

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