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Francisco Aquabella Latin Jazz Quintet Heats Up LA Kings Downtown On Ice

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Dec 31, 2006

... rink returned to Pershing Square for its ninth spectacular season. People from all over Los Angeles, out-of-town visitors, celebrities such as David Hasselhoff-(Baywatch), Seth Green(Austin Powers) and Scott Belcular (Star Trek/Quantum Leap)were seen chilling out under a beautiful Southern California sun from November 16 through January 15,2007 at the LA Kings Downtown On Ice. The Downtown On Ice was made possible by a generous sponsorship from the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, LA Kings, and Councilmember Jan Perry (9th District). The LA Kings Downtown On Ice ... (more)

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The Storytelling of Pershing Square

By pleasurepalate, published on Dec 29, 2006

...may have been a place you've driven past, walked through, or even sat down at, but the next time you decide to just pass it by, I'd encourage you to stop and check it out. Believe it or not, there are many aspects of Pershing Square that speaks to the history and culture of Los Angeles and California. First a little background. Pershing Square was named after General John Pershing, who was the commander of the American forces overseas during World War 1. The current design was done by Mexican architect, Ricardo Legorretta and landscape architect Laurie Olin in 1994. See, I wasn't kidding ... (more)

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To the Top of Eagle Rock: Hiking in Los Angeles

By V, published on Dec 28, 2006 in this beautiful corner of the world. The concrete jungle of the expensive City of Los Angeles, can take its toll on an urban population working hard to sustain, in a lifestyle accented by heavy commuting. When I first arrived in the City of Angels, I was already aware that Southern California is flush with natural wonders. I did not realize however, that access to this wilderness was closer than you’d think. Now, despite working long hours, I manage a good two hour’s hike every week across land that would have you believe you are a million miles away from one of the... (more)

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Coup de Grace for Foie Gras Geese

By V, published on Dec 13, 2006

...the fact that I was eating a $47 piece of one of the best Kobe beef fillet mignons I’ve ever had (cooked to perfection ‘blue’ as I ordered), when there are 20 billion people who live below the poverty line. Nor did I even attempt to vaguely reconcile the $157 bottle of Californian red that the Sommelier suggested, with any thoughts of the 1.7 billion people who have no access to clean drinking water. No, there was no starving population/ fine dining nexus tugging at my foodie strings. What it was, was the two, fine-cut, lightly grilled slivers of Foie Gras (bringing ... (more)

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Everyone has a stray dog story

By davina, published on Dec 8, 2006

...pure joy. Once off the leash, that dog ran so fast, chasing the gulls and jumping in the waves. This went on for hours, he eventually came back to me, completely happy, all tired out and after a big drink of water we headed back to camp. There were many, many trips over the years to other California beaches, the Sierra's, Lone Pine, and other destinations. This dog had the life every dog should have. But when it came time to spread his ashes after his passing, back to Big Sur I went. On a bluff, overlooking the beach that Buddy ran on back in 1993, I set him free one last time. We all ... (more)

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The New E. Coli Outbreak Trend

By Alethea, published on Dec 5, 2006

...death. Symptoms usually last for about 3 to 4 days, but if you suspect you may have E. Coli poisoning you should seek medical attention to make sure it is nothing serious. The best way you can catch the bad E. Coli is from undercooked meat, contaminated cheese, and more recently leafy green vegetables. The bacteria can also be passed from person to person if one is infected and does not wash their hands. Although no cases of Taco Bell E. Coli have been reported in California, I would lay off the fast food for a while, clean your lettuce very well, and remember to wash your hands! (more)

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In God We Trust

By Stephanie Michele, published on Dec 3, 2006

Last week the Los Angeles archdiocese, the nation’s largest Roman Catholic district of churches announced it had agreed to pay $60 million to settle 45 lawsuits alleging sex abuse by priests. This is the second largest Catholic sex scandal payout in California, behind the Diocese of Orange’s 2004 agreement to pay $100 million to settle 90 abuse claims. It is estimated that allegations of sexual abuse has cost the U.S. Roman Catholic Church at least $1.5 billion since the time abuse scandals became public knowledge. Equal to my concern for the victims, are the answers to these questions; where... (more)

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California Supreme Court: Bloggers not responsible for defamatory posts

By J.T Dabbagian, published on Nov 22, 2006

The California Supreme Court ruled today that bloggers were not responsible for defamatory content that they did not create, overturning a previous ruling by an appeals court. The court stated in its ruling that only the original author of the comments could be sued for libel: Any person who reposted the comments could not be held liable. "The prospect of blanket immunity for those who intentionally redistribute defamatory statements on the Internet has disturbing implications," said Associate Justice Carol A. Corrigan. "Nevertheless ... statutory immunity serves to protect online freedom... (more)

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The Superficial Male: Bionic Biceps Meet Personified Pectorals

By maceo manhattan, published on Nov 21, 2006 either. Rather I was a 6 feet tall 160 pound peppermint stick never drank, nor smoked, or used any drugs. It was not til I was in college, that I felt the need to assert myself and become more masculine. Lucky for me my school had one of the best weight rooms of any college in California. I got big through lifting religiously and taking my protein shakes every day. It soon became an obsession which affected the way I saw life in general. I became very close minded about things and recall trying to dominate every conversation. My journalist skills that had been crafted... (more)

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What Is The Point

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 19, 2006

...the street building simple pine boxes. America has gone soft on criminals and that is why gangs rule the streets. The nation has become soft, weak and spineless when it comes to dealing with criminals -- especially recidivists with a history of murder, rape, violence and the like. In California it costs almost $14,000 to take care of a criminal on death row. Just how many bullets would that $14,000 buy? How much rope would that buy? And then there is the anti-gun lobby. These thumb-sucking crybabies want to take away the citizen's right to own a firearm. I am in favor of... (more)

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