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Tales Of A Nurse: Lesbian Drama

By baynurse, published on Feb 26, 2008

... I was in nursing school with my first lover ever. I had to work that day, I was taking care of a woman with brain damage secondary from her bout with equine encephalitis. I remember everything about that day, it was a crisp and beautiful December 31st. As per usual a cold , clear sunny day in California. My suitemate and lover, was to have lunch with her family that day, then come back so we can go out to a friends house for a new years eve party. I got home from work, got ready, and excited for a fun time ahead, this was going to be our first new years eve together as lovers and we were... (more)

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To Vax Or Not To Vax? Who Should Decide?

By Ivan Homeless, published on Feb 26, 2008

As of February 18th 2008 the number of children infected during this recent measles outbreak in San Diego, California is 11, the county was still waiting for confirmation on the status of the possible 12th child. This outbreak adds fuel to the vaccination debate that rages across this nation - from the recent "death march" through the courthouse for jabs in Maryland to this measles outbreak that was started by a child whose vaccination record is current; this debate will never be put to rest as long as parents have voices.

Parents on both sides of this issue are as vocal as anything... (more)

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Bunny Bravo: Burlesque Is Not Stripping

By Gary Schwind, published on Feb 26, 2008

Bunny Bravo is a burlesque dancer and producer of the Shimmy and Shake burlesque shows in southern California. She has been selected to perform at the burlesque contest at Viva Las Vegas in April. At her home, she discussed her burlesque beginnings and the differences between burlesque and stripping.

What drew you to burlesque?Lucha VaVoom, we started going to those shows. Kitten Deville was in a lot of the shows that we went to at first. Then she quit doing them and when we went back we noticed we didn’t enjoy the shows as much. It was really her that was pulling us there. She is the... (more)

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I Want To Move To Mexico. Where's My Immigrant Advocate?

By Steven Lane, published on Feb 25, 2008

...but you CANNOT work in the business without a work permit. Chances of a Gringo getting a work permit in Mexico is similar to finding a pearl in a can of clams.

Let's put this in perspective, should the United States ever decide to mimic this requirement, any Mexican National here in California holding a legal visa would be required to document that he/she had a income of $25,600 per month, but not be allowed to work here. (California minimum wage..$8 hr... times 8 hours=$64.00 daily wage... times 400= $25,600). If we do, in fact, have an immigration problem, I guess this would... (more)

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Charitable Country Crooner, Eileen Carey

By dmysteryman, published on Feb 24, 2008

...Top Sponsor goes to Eileen Carey," wrote Angels Among Us, an organization developed to help sick and underprivileged kids across the country. "This is a lady with great talent who has gone beyond her call of duty to see to it that some of our Angels got Christmas presents...all the way from California, Eileen put together a toy drive to help our Angels. If you haven't heard this woman sing you definitely should...thank you Eileen and the FemMuse network for making Christmas come alive for our Angels, we couldn't have done this without you."

"Hello Ms. Carey," writes Private... (more)

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Switching Sides Of The Aisle

By Glenn T, published on Feb 20, 2008

...going to save us?

Third, he’s against gay marriage and wants a Constitutional amendment to that end. Really? Are straight marriages so kick-ass that we can’t give someone else a go at it? The divorce rate is at 50% right now, and they don’t count California (who doesn’t keep count of their divorces – clearly to avoid the shame)! Just leave this alone – if we need an amendment to our Constitution it should be something that closes up that big loophole allowing the Commander-in-Chief to conduct a war for five years without... (more)

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Cowboy Soul Filmed For Documentary During Black Historymonth

By dmysteryman, published on Feb 20, 2008

... called 'Cowboy Soul' -- mixing the storytelling of country music, the rhythm and harmonies of soul, and the power of rock.

Cowboy Soul -- whose members all hail from the greater Los Angeles area -- have been together for over a decade, perform at various venues throughout Southern California, and have appeared on the KTLA (Channel 5) Morning Show. ""We want our audiences to remember the history of Black Cowboys," states band frontperson Mann. "yesteryear's) Black Cowboy worked hard, proved he was qualified, and helped build the West. This era is one of the most forgotten... (more)

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If We Get Bored, We'll Move To California...

By thermos62000, published on Feb 20, 2008

I moved to West Hollywood exactly a year ago, and so much has happened… Lindsey went to rehab. Paris chopped her hair off into a bob. The Intermix store opened on Robertson. Slash published his G ‘n’ R memoir, aptly titled “Slash.” Britney missed several depositions. Her sis, Jamie-Lynn became preggers. Fred Segal had a 90%-off sale. And it almost snowed. (Wait…that was somewhere else.)

Amidst the chaos, I’ve adjusted to LA, with all of its good and bad, but never boring, attributes. I’ve also absorbed a lot... (more)

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The Feisty Piranhas: Father-son Rockers With A Bite

By dmysteryman, published on Feb 19, 2008

...big egos,” Peter Alex admits. “Both of these guys come in totally egoless.”

It took the newly expanded Piranhas a year and a half to produce a record together, but since its release in August, #The End# has been steadily garnering attention from the Southern California independent music scene. Like its predecessor, The End was recorded completely in their home studio. According to Peter Alex, it’s a concept album — about the apocalypse, naturally. Each song deals with a different aspect of a planet coming apart at the seams. Although he... (more)

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News About...award-winning Hip-hop Artist,

By dmysteryman, published on Feb 18, 2008

...“at 9:30 p.m. Loose Logic popped in his CD and reclaimed the crowd…beyond his complexion lies a socially conscious warrior who’s more akin to Tupac if anyone…he possesses a rhythm and flow reminiscent of a one-man Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and a voice all his own.”

The Southern California native -- previously selected for a new TV Pilot,“AMERICA’S BEST NEW RAPPER” -- began his Hip-Hop career at age 16, doing shows in schools and churches. Exhibiting a skillful ability to write his own music and play both keyboards and guitar, he quickly ascended the L.A. Hip-Hop scene,... (more)

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