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International Civil Rights Walk Of Fame

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Apr 8, 2008

...concluded with “He Got The Whole World In His Hands.” The choir received a standing ovation.

Sandra Robbie and Sylvia Mendez spoke about the Mendez v. Westminster case. This was the landmark desegregation case of 1946. The case successfully ended de jure segregation in California and set a precedent for the better-known Brown v. Board of Education seven years later; and paved the way for integration and the American Civil Rights movement. Sylvia Mendez played an instrumental role in the above mentioned case. She is a retired nurse and she travels and gives lectures to ... (more)

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California Assemblyman Wants To Tax Internet

By D. E. Carson, published on Apr 6, 2008

Until Ronald Reagan’s second term in 1984, there was a saying in the political arena: As goes California, so goes America. In those days it meant that whatever position or candidate was supported by the majority of California the rest of the nation seemed to follow suit. Beginning in 1988 when George Herbert Walker Bush was elected president the tide began to turn because of the increasing amount of liberalism coming from California. Fortunately, the rest of America is a bit more conservative than California so many of the ultra left-wing wacko ideas that crawl out of the... (more)

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What In God's Name Were You Thinking?

By nhemerson, published on Mar 31, 2008

...of death was diabetic ketoacidosis, which develops when a person has too little insulin in their body. Left untreated, diabetic ketoacidosis might cause a person to lose consciousness and die. The girl had been sick for an estimated 30 days. It wasn't until the child's aunt, who lives in California, got worried and contacted authorities to go to the home and check on her.

The girl has three siblings, ranging in age from 13 to 16, both currently still in the home. The child's family had no history of abuse with any of the children and reportedly had not taken any of the... (more)

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My 2008 National League Picks: The Mets: As Good As It Gets!

By Ed Attanasio, published on Mar 30, 2008

...well to their accusations. Then there’s a clubhouse still drenched with the afterthoughts of Ryan Hancock’s drunk-driving death and the recent release of Scott Spiezio, who survived his own drunk-driving adventures but faces a scroll’s worth of misdemeanor charges back in California. Otherwise, the level of talent on this roster is approaching paper-thin. Tony LaRussa somehow signed on to all of this for two more years, but if he gets this team anywhere over .500, he’s Manager of the Year.


The Arizona Diamondbacks are a young, balanced... (more)

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A Delectable Trio

By Ed Attanasio, published on Mar 19, 2008

...Stevenswood Spa Resort (or the Restaurant at Stevenswood; 8211 North Highway One; (707) 937-2810; that serves some incredible contemporary American cuisine that is both inspired and creative, using the best fresh and local ingredients you'll find anywhere in Northern California. This secluded, tranquil resort and spa is amazing all by itself; but when you throw this amazing restaurant into the mix, you get a very unique and exciting place. They've won a ton of awards, such as the James Beard Recognition award and the Top 40 Restaurants in the Bay Area recognition... (more)

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Platforms, Slippers & Pumps, Oh My!

By VeroniqueChevalier, published on Mar 17, 2008

Manolo Blanik and Jimmy Choo's creations are all well and good, but let's face it, when you wear their designs, you are limited by their imaginations. If you have a singular footwear vision haunting your dreams, then you need a custom shoemaker. Known throughout Southern California, as well as around the world, Andre No. 1 is shoe heaven, and Imelda Marcos would surely be their patron saint if only she wasn't probably going to be burning in Hell someday!And lest you dismiss the impact that unique footwear can have upon the psyche of the masses, imagine if only you can, KISS performing in Nike's... (more)

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Burrito Purist Charles Hodgkins Bites Into Calif. Survey

By vlad, published on Mar 10, 2008

Charles Hodgkins is as unpretentious as the food he writes about; the burrito. SF Gate’s columnist, Sam Whiting wrote on April, 2006 that Charles Hodgkins was a purist. Today I learned that Hodgkins, the burrito blogger, will survey and seriously write about Californians lifestyle county by county.

Hodgkins began his research on the ingredients and quality of the taste of burritos sold at local taquerias in San Francisco about three years ago. “Burritos are a real hot button issue,” said Charles during our afternoon interview. He was casually... (more)

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He's Not Brett Favre

By Jeff Weisinger, published on Mar 10, 2008


There's just one catch.

"I'm not Brett Favre," he said Saturday. "And if they're wanting me to be the next Brett Favre, I'm not going to be him. I'm Aaron Rodgers. That's who I am."

Rodgers, who was the Packer's first round draft pick out of California back in 2005, has only thrown a career total of 59 passes, has never started an NFL game and played in only two games last season including a solid effort, replacing an injured Brett Favre in the second half at Dallas in late-November as he completed 18 of his 26 passes for 201 yards and... (more)

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An Amazing A Capella Annoucement

By Kim, published on Feb 28, 2008

An enchanting ensemble consisting of 9 men escorted the audience across the shores to a land of lush, love, and lavish 3 part perfect harmony correlated with a message of peace. Ladysmith Black Mambazo - a multi-faceted chorale performed at the University of Southern California - Bovard Auditorium on Tuesday, February 26, 2008. Their message and delivery were as unique and gratifying as that unusually warm winter night.

The ensemble performed original songs from their homeland, Ladysmith a town nestled on the banks of the Klip River just south of Johannsburg in the district of KwaZula-Natal,... (more)

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Top Bay Area Restaurants: A Fabulous Foursome

By Ed Attanasio, published on Feb 27, 2008

Rivoli (see photo) (1539 Solano Ave., Berkeley, CA 94707/Phone: (510) 526-2542) is a great place in the East Bay that serves California/Mediterranean cuisine that is really outstanding. They specialize in using only seasonal, local and fresh, mostly organic ingredients, including naturally raised meats and poultry. The Chef/Owner is Wendy Brucker, and she is a really well-known chef who is described by many as being very creative and highly skilled. We were there during the holidays, and we had a great experience. The highlights of the evening were the Warm Goat Cheese Souffle, with proscuitto... (more)

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