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Pure Sleaze

By Edward, published on Apr 28, 2008

...involving then shocking sums of money, $12,000 or more as an initial payment for a lifetime contract.” In 1960, the Federal government ordered the Arthur Murray studios to “stop using bogus contests and high-pressure tactics to sell their dance instruction courses.” In 1962, the California Office of the Attorney General began a statewide effort to “stamp out a dancing school racket that reaped many millions of dollars from gullible customers.” In 1976, Governor Carey of New York State signed a bill “providing dance customers with safeguards in dealing with dance... (more)

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Can The Lakers Get By Without Bynum?

By Ed Attanasio, published on Apr 27, 2008


On his next touch, Bryant hit a 3-pointer from the right elbow for a 100-78 lead, then took a seat and acknowledged with a thumbs-up his very own cheering section that had drowned out the boo birds during the second half and continued the "MVP!" chants that serenaded him back in California.

The Nuggets, who have lost seven straight playoff games, not only wanted to keep their composure coming back to Colorado, but they also figured they could get to the rim and the foul line more than they had in the first two games in Los Angeles.

Nothing doing.

They ... (more)

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Rockin' On The Santa Monica Pier For Earth Day

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Apr 22, 2008 members. Musicians from the previous bands came out front to check out the future of rock and roll on display. Escalera featured several professional skate board riders played material from their debut CD. The band is a five piece acoustic/indie/rock soul oriented group from Encinitas, California. Juliette and The Licks rocked the Pier. Some positive vibes hovered over the pier and wasfelt by the crowd during the acoustic set of conscious reggae performed by Ziggy Marley. Taj Mahal closed out the Green Apple Festival on the Santa Monica Pier with songs from his extended catalog of... (more)

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Splash! A Celebration Of Mermaids & The Sea

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Apr 22, 2008 the group. I’m also amazed and captivated every time I witness a performance by the group.

Intermission featured announcements of parade winners. Mermaid Queen prize was presented to Teresa White; Mermaid King was presented to a group from the Bolivian community of Southern California. The prize for the sexiest costume was presented to Jan Williamson who came dressed as a mermaid. The prize for wettest costume went to Poor Dog Group-a student group from Cal Arts. Most musical prize was presented to Ala Bey from UCLA. Most Reptilian prize was presented to Swimming... (more)

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How To Deal With Vocabulary When Learning A New Language

By expat2003, published on Apr 22, 2008

...the term "Leitner system" and get 758,000 pages showing you how to make your own Leitner system for just about any material you want to learn.



Second Language Acquisition and Second Language Learning; Stephen D Krashen; University of Southern California; Copyright © 1981 Stephen Krashen

Why Can't I Speak Spanish?: The Critical Period Hypothesis of Language Acquisition; Stephanie Richardson

The Silent Period Hypothesis; Taeko Tomioka; SANNO Junior College

jMemorize is a free open-source Java application... (more)

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Remembering The San Francisco Earthquake

By D. E. Carson, published on Apr 19, 2008

... befall that city 102 years ago today.

At 5:12 in the morning, all hell broke loose and for almost a whole minute, it seemed to residents of the bay area that the earth itself was angry and its wrath was focused on San Francisco. The epicenter was later tracked to the San Andreas Fault, California’s most renown “crack” in the world. The exact location was just off shore along the San Francisco-San Mateo county line. The fault ruptured ground from Humboldt County to San Benito County and became one of the worst natural disasters in American history. Photographs of the aftermath do ... (more)

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April Is Jazz Appreciation Month

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Apr 18, 2008

...of Soul” Mr. James Brown. The band slowed the tempo down for a ballad “I Got It Bad; And That Ain’t Good”. Dee Dee McNeil rejoined the group to sing “Sugar,” and “It’s You or No One.”

I enjoyed my early afternoon outing to hear some live jazz. It is said that “Jazz Is Made in America and Enjoyed By the World.” This was my first time visiting Catalina Bar and Grill at its new location. With respect to the Governor of California “I’ll Be Back” to Catalina Bar & Grill in the near future.


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Mc Cain Wants To Fix Economy? Here's How!

By D. E. Carson, published on Apr 16, 2008

...won’t help one iota.

Time for a little refresher course in mathematics. Don’t worry, you need only read. The actual cypherin’ will be done for you courtesy of the Jethro Bodine School of Math and Algebra, Lawn Service, Hair Care and Tire Center.

In some parts of Southern California, motorists are paying $3.69 per gallon of gasoline and $4.09 per gallon of diesel (understand that these were the prices as of 6:00 p.m. Sunday, April 13, 2008 and do not reflect the massive increase incurred over the last 48 hours, but you’ll get the point). Assume for a moment that a test ... (more)

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Our Salmon Are Dying

By Ed Attanasio, published on Apr 14, 2008

... salmon streams that buries the small gravel needed by salmon for their nests, or redds. Stream banks where cattle regularly feed often erode into salmon streams and bury the gravels beds.

Scientists estimate nearly 1400 genetically-isolated Pacific salmon populations once spawned from California to southern British Columbia. Due to dam building and other alterations of lakes and rivers, 406 or 29% of the salmon populations have become extinct in the last 240 years.

The winter-run Chinook salmon originating in California's Sacramento River were listed as threatened in 1990,... (more)

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You Don't Know Bennie?

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Apr 11, 2008

...Press Enterprise has a front page article about him. I looked it up on the Internet and found it. It is the January 3, 2008 issue. I read it a whole bunch of times and also read about him on I made up a list of questions and on April 9, 2008 I travelled to Sun City, California from Los Angeles and the rest is history.

How did you get involved in boxing?

Well, I was a little kid about 10 or 11 years old selling newspaper down on Main Street near the Grand Olympic Auditorium. The Main Street gym was the big gym in those days. I'd walk by... (more)

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