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The War Against Education

By Heather Renee, published on May 15, 2008

...on war. Concerns over leaving a country damaged keeps us fighting...does that make sense? The rebuilding of their country and schools must take place if we are to be viewed favorably by the world (even though we took part in destroying the place). Yet, according to a recent report by the California Teachers' Association, the current California and Los Angeles school budgets require $4.8 Billion to be cut from from our very own schools.

So, in a nutshell, our teachers aren't "qualified", our schools are substandard and antiquated (especially when compared to news schools being... (more)

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Miami Is All The Rage!

By Ed Attanasio, published on May 14, 2008

...makes a concerted effort, I know we can do it!

Driving recklessly is not a privilege, it’s a right. So, let’s exercise our right to drive like complete a-holes a little more. If we can all just honk a little more, if we bend a few more fenders; run a few more lights and make more California stops at stop signs; if we can pass other vehicles at dangerously high speeds just a little more—we CAN make a difference!

Let’s show this country that San Francisco is in the Top 10 in everything we do!

This appeared on today:

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) -... (more)

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Naked Cowboy: The Interview Part Duece

By Venditto, published on May 12, 2008

...inform the public when I am making my legacy.(Note- Again, I like the answer butstill I began to wonder if he was listening to the questions I was asking or just speechifying in my general direction.)

ME: When was your first performance as The Naked Cowboy?

NC: Venice Beach, California.

ME: How'd ya end up in New York City?

NC: Well, I traveled to Nashville to become a star, two months after my first singing lesson on 8/9/97. Wrote my first song 11/2, my twenty fifth song less than a month later... but basically, Venice Beach, the Jenny Jones show, my... (more)

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Musician's Union, Local 47 Erupts With A Volcano Of Art Form

By Kim, published on May 10, 2008

The California jazz Foundation hosted a "A Jazz Explosion" on May 4, 2008 at the Local 47, Musicians' Union in Los Angeles. I'd called it a conflagration never before experienced on the planet! 4 sets of music put on by artists on a total Jazz mission.

A fire that would not be contained, spread through the auditorium and over the city with artists' unleashing Succulent Standards, Bare Boned Blues, Sensitive Straight Ahead, Heart-centered Latin Pulsations, and Versatile Vocal Selections.

The Bruce Babad Quartet featuring Bruce Babad on Alto Sax, Larry Koonse on... (more)

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Served The Jazz Way

By Kim, published on May 6, 2008

The weather was just right as a crowd of Jazz enthusiasts gathered to experience the glorious and tireless musicianship of Justo Almario and his wonderful ensemble on May 2, 2008 at the Friday Night Jazz Series hosted by Los Angeles County Museum of Art, in Los Angeles, California.

Justo conducted a "sound check" with the standard, "All The Things You Are" that quickly captivated our attention. His attention to melody, harmony, and the essence of the tune during his warm up was exquisitely beautiful.

Mr. Almario humbly accepted the applause and whispered into his microphone with... (more)

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Featured Contributor - Jen And Tonic

By Digidave, published on May 2, 2008

...I was painfully shy growing up. You know that person who walked across the stage at graduation, and you had no idea they existed, let alone were in the same year? That was me. I was a total outcast, and never fit in anywhere. I moved up to Seattle for a few years, and when I came back to California I came out of my shell. I realized I had spent years in Seattle, but had not totally experienced it. I decided that I would just be myself, and let everything else fall in to place. I apply that same mentality to the Broo all of the time. I know sometimes people get offended by my humor,... (more)

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Ktla And Family Guy Announce Nintendo Wii Giveaway

By LA News, published on Apr 30, 2008

...Between an alcoholic dog, a world-dominating one-year-old, and a perverted neighbor, Family Guy demonstrates a combination of dysfunction and comedy in the ultimate sense.


KTLA/CW is a Tribune Broadcasting station that strives to connect with the Southern California community through reliable, award-winning news and compelling entertainment in standard and high definition. KTLA is the only television station to win an Academy Award and the only television with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. For additional information about KTLA/CW please visit... (more)

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Simple Technology

By rjlight, published on Apr 30, 2008

...birthday I got a beautiful red Bluetooth headset. It’s a nice one, plus it is part of Project Red so purchasing it helped women and children suffering with AIDS in Africa. And, of course, I am now ready for mandatory-hands-free-cell-phone-while-driving law that will be taking effect in California on July 1, 2008.

I have many reasons to be thrilled with my new headset. And I am, but I seem to have a mental block on getting it to work smoothly. Now, before you say, “read the directions, you dumb blond”, I want you to know that I've read the directions. There is one... (more)

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AT&T Fiesta Broadway Presented By State Farm Insurance

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Apr 30, 2008

...League of Latin American Citizens (LULAC), Rock The Vote, and United States Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI). According to a recent report that was published in today’s newspapers (April 29th), “Immigrants and their children could make up 29th percent of the electorates in California by the year 2012. This study was release by the non profit GrantMakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees based in Sebastopol.”

There were conflicting reports released on how many people were in attendance to enjoy this years Fiesta Broadway. One report stated 150,000... (more)

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2008 Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Apr 29, 2008

...missed the panel section featuring politician Willie L. Brown Jr. in Conversation with Bill Boyarsky. I greeted and photographed Mr. Brown in the West signing area as he signed copies of his autobiography “Basic Brown” released earlier this year. Mr. Brown was the 58th Speaker of California State Assembly and 41st Mayor of San Francisco.

Kim Wayans and Kevin Knotts read “Amy Hodgepodge” on the Reading by 9 (RB9) Stage. This stage was in a new location which was more spacious and featured additional children’s activities. Kim invited a young girl to... (more)

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