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Long Beach Bayou Festival-waltzing To New Orleans

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Jun 8, 2008 for yourself, grads, birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas at a colorful French Quarter cultural arts and crafts marketplace.

I enjoy attending this festival because it is like going to a family re-union in Louisiana. Transplanted Louisianans along with people from all over California and beyond can unite with one another to enjoy a weekend of Cajun, Zydeco, Jazz and Blues.

OK, you say; I’m already dusting off my dancing shoes. Please let the good folks know who will be providing entertainment at this year’s festival.

Saturday-Cajun &... (more)

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Burgos Case Mirrors Mcmartin Trial UPDATE

By john robertson, published on Jun 7, 2008

Although it is not the first case of its kind, it is now the longest in California history, exceeding the record previously held only by the now notorious McMartin Preschool case from the eighties. Parallels abound: beginning with the fact that in both cases the accuser is the son of a clinically diagnosed mentally ill woman and comes from a family all too often under the watchful eye of CPS. Also, in both cases, an arrest was made based upon an accusation alone- without evidence to prove a crime had occurred at all.

Most disturbingly, however, is the similarity between the prosecution... (more)


Prosecutor Lori Frugoli UPDATE

By john robertson, published on Jun 7, 2008

For at least the sixth time, Prosecutor Lori Frugoli refused to give closing arguments, in what has turned into the longest and perhaps costliest preliminary hearing in California history. In April of 2008, in an effort to reign in the prosecution, Judge Faye D’Opal finally denied the prosecutor’s request for even more time, and did not allow her to file any new motions. After twenty-two months of granting Frugoli endless opportunities to gather together a case, the judge announced, “It is time to put this matter to rest.” The judge then scheduled closing arguments for May 29th and instructed... (more)


Mexican Travel Guides Wanted..... Earn Up To $270,000 A Day

By Steven Lane, published on Jun 2, 2008

... something to do with it's failure. Arizona elected "officials" have used colorful words to describe Boeing's debacle. Words like, "disgrace," "a boondoggle," or just a "fiasco."

Boeing keeps the cash, we get the "The virtual fence that is virtually useless." (U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter of California) However, the reality is this, Boeing's paltry $20 mill is chump change in the current exchange rate of "uninvited border visits." Let me tell you a story about a friend of mine I bumped into a few weeks ago..........

Let's just call him Jorge, it's not his real name but I promised,... (more)

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Ucla Jazz Reggae Fest:peace, Love And Music

By Ricky Ricardo, published on May 29, 2008

...full swing each year with the UCLA Jazz Reggae Festival during Memorial Day Weekend, Sunday, May 25th and Monday, May 26th. One couldn’t tell that summer was fast approaching as evidence by the May Gray weather that we experienced lately. Nevertheless, over 30,000 people from all over California and beyond made their way to Westwood for the Jazz Reggae Festival. The UCLA Cultural Affairs Commission promised and delivered a weekend of Peace, Love and World Class Music.

Last year, I applauded the festival organizers for adding more jazz to the line-up since they introduced JAM ... (more)

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If There's Not A Mess On The Floor, You Ain't Cookin'?

By Crowbar, published on May 26, 2008


Now, I’m never gonna run a marathon to find out, but I can tell you that there is a level of peace that comes from being in the kitchen for hours and you are never gonna feel it if all your meals come from a box.

The sad fact is that most people eat out these days, especially in California. With three hours a day stuck in traffic, long hours at work, and addictive reality shows, who really has the time to cook. Every street has at least two fast food joints, coffee shops that offer quick snacks, and supermarkets catering to dinner in a bag with aisles that are stocked with... (more)

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Grease Is The Word

By Ed Attanasio, published on May 21, 2008

...than motor vehicle break-ins right now in San Francisco. This means that the people who used to steal your car stereo are now absconding with cooking grease from local restaurants.

David Richardson, a 49-year old man from Illinois, was arrested by the police in Morgan Hill, California. He was trying to steal used grease from a Burger King restaurant and pump it into his tanker truck when he was caught greasy-handed.

People are so freaked out over the price of fuel that they’ve resorted to stealing used cooking oil.

This appeared on the AP wire... (more)

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It's Not The Will Of The People

By D. E. Carson, published on May 17, 2008

In a dissenting opinion, Justice Marvin Baxter of the California State Supreme Court wrote that the Court overstepped its bounds by even hearing arguments and ruling on the case concerning the law banning same-gender marriage in California. “Changes to marriage laws should be decided by the voters,” Baxter said.

But his opinion falls on immoral ears.

The morality of America is that the people – ALL of the people – are allowed to vote as to how the nation is to be governed. Today’s decision by the California Supreme Court to overturn... (more)

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Wedding Bells For California Gay Couples

By Alethea, published on May 16, 2008

It was less than five years ago when the California Supreme Court voided numerous same-sex marriages for San Francisco couples. On voiding the 4,000 marriages, which were approved by San Francisco's mayor, the court determined that state law defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Starting today, the court has changed its tune, as thousands of gay couples rejoice. However, many are questioning if the various outraged conservatives will find a way to bypass the court’s ruling.

Ultimately, the court decided there are no specific laws limiting marriage... (more)

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In Search Of Bernardina

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on May 16, 2008

...time Amadeo was at work when his brother called and gave him the horrible news. He was very angry and his desperation started in the search for his mother, Bernardina.

He started to look in shelters, churches, hospitals, and the Red Cross, etc. The search spread all of Nevada and California and also Tijuana, and El Salvador. They made flyers and passed it out everywhere. The story made the news in the Latin communities. Soon everybody was aware of the search of Bernardina.

Amadeo made endless calls to the politicians of the state of California and also to the... (more)

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