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A Pirate Looks At Forty

By D. E. Carson, published on Aug 1, 2008

...people getting divorced and dying and moving and having no friends.  I can't say I enjoyed high school.  It was just a time in my life I endured and made it through as best I could.  College was the same way.  When I woke up and realized I was an adult, I left Kansas behind and moved to California.  I figured that I couldn't go back to the little home town with the Homecoming parades -- the girl I had a crush on had married one of my childhood friends and is now a nurse with kids of her own.  I'm really happy for her.  But I often sit and wonder what might have been...

I've... (more)

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Bayou Brothers: Infectious, Happy Zyde-cajun Music

By Gary Schwind, published on Jul 31, 2008

... years ago, someone gave me a tape of Queen Ida. I wore that tape out. I loved the whole presentation. It was probably recorded on a one-track. I hadn’t played anything like that ever. I thought I’d love to get in a band that does that, like one’s gonna come along in southern California. When we all got together, we thought we could, just for fun, model something after that. We didn’t think we’d ever really get a gig. It was more like the Sheryl Crow Tuesday Music Club.(Tim) Then we found out that there was a dance group just for the Bon Temps social club.... (more)

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Customer Service Reaches New Lows As Prices Soar

By Heather Renee, published on Jul 25, 2008

...businesses also contributes to a local economy and community solidarity. Most corporations are now outsourcing and your money goes with it.

For further consideration, here is a list of the best and worst in customer service experiences of some local retailers/restaurants in Southern California.

Do they really need your money?:

Osh Hardware Stores, A,T & T, in general, Kelly's Coffee and Fudge,Del Amo

Home Depot, Verizon, in general, Mc Donald's, in general

Starbucks, in general, Buca Di Beppo, Santa Monica , Macy's

Willing to Work for your... (more)

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21st Annual Long Beach Jazz Festival-has Soul & R&b

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Jul 20, 2008

Long Beach, CA (June 2008) – Southern California’s premiere music festival presenting the best in Jazz and Rhythm & Blues for the 21st year. The Long Beach Jazz Festival takes place the weekend of August 8, 9, and 10, 2008. Once again, the festival venue is the breath-taking seaside setting of Rainbow Lagoon Park on Shoreline Drive in Long Beach, California, where for two decades now thousands of faithful music fans have made the Long Beach Jazz Festival an annual family affair.

True to its reputation as the most soulful and well-rounded summer music festival in sunny... (more)

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Cowboy Country

By V, published on Jul 7, 2008

A fitting excursion we think for the holiday that commemorates America’s 1776 Declaration of Independence from Great Britain.

Leaving the state of California behind us and heading East out to Las Vegas – this bedazzled zone of the desert clocking 105 degrees Fahrenheit at 10:30 at night – we pushed on an hour or so further east to the small, poor man’s Vegas, the township of “Mesquite”. We pulled in at midnight to the “Virgin River Valley Casino”after roadside spotting a mountain lion.

We woke at 8:30am to a blazing desert sun.... (more)

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Hello, 911, Please Hold...indefinitely!

By D. E. Carson, published on Jul 2, 2008

... suggested he was partaking of a beverage that should not be consumed while careening down the highway at 70+ miles per hour – and yes, driver, if you’re reading this, I did take note of the license plate number of your gray Toyota Celica.

I have my obligatory headset as required by California’s stupid new hands-free phone law and I dialed 911 to report this driver. The conversation went something like this:

911 Operator: “Hello, 911, what are you reporting?”

Me: “I am reporting some driving in a manner resembling intoxication.”

911O: “Where are you ... (more)

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Pretty In Stereo: "pretty Good...for Girls"

By Gary Schwind, published on Jul 1, 2008

Pretty in Stereo is a four-piece rock band from Orange County, California. The band has had its songs featured in television shows such as: Rollergirls (A&E), Laguna Beach (MTV) and a documentary about American Idol finalist Kimberly Caldwell on TV Guide channel. Before a show at OC Tavern in San Clemente, Cassie, Erin, Jodi, and Natalie discussed the origins of the band, how people underestimate Pretty in Stereo, and helping each other out in times of need.How did Pretty in Stereo come together?(Natalie) Erin and I met from playing together a long time ago. We met Cassie through Myspace... (more)

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The New Cell Phone Law: Stick It In Your (r)ear!

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jun 30, 2008

When the new cell phone law goes into effect tomorrow in California, I will be one of the very first people not to obey it. I think it’s a ridiculous law and just another example of too much government in our lives. One by one, all of our freedoms are being taken away and this is a prime example.

Pretty soon, there will be all kinds of frivolous new laws just like this one. Some day, it will be a crime if you have more than 15 items in the express lane at the grocery store; if you drop an upper decker as a joke at a house party; if you break wind on a crowded bus; if you leave... (more)

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So Close, Yet...

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jun 12, 2008

...of his one and only major league appearance.

Here’s a little background on Stefan, compliments of Wikipedia:

Wever graduated from Lowell High School in San Francisco in 1976. After dominating the San Francisco section in high school, Wever lettered at the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he garnered interest from numerous professional scouts. At 6’8”, 240 lbs., Wever was an imposing, fire baller with a great fastball, curve and changeup. When he was on his game, he was virtually unhittable.

After finishing his career at UCSB, Wever... (more)

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May Featured Contributor - Glenn T

By Digidave, published on Jun 9, 2008

How does where you live influence who/what you write about and how you go about doing it?Los Angeles is a city of infinite inspiration, especially if you like to rant. Coming to California is what inspired me to write in the first place. All in the same year, I went from east coast to west coast, from military to civilian, from work to school and from blue-collar to white-collar. At first, all the changes frustrated me, and then once I found my way, I found it all pretty damned funny. My fish-out-of-water point of view was my first writing voice. My first column was entitled “Tales... (more)

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