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California's New Minimum Wage Under Federal Poverty Level

By Steven Lane, published on Dec 13, 2007

On January 1, 2008 California will raise it's minimum wage to a whopping $8.00 an hour. That will tie California with Massachusetts for the highest state minimum wage in the nation. Sounds all good, right? I guess it's just fine if you are 18 and living at home with the warden, paying no rent and eating for free. But for many Californians that $8.00 per hour is meant to pay the bills, all the bills. The rent, food, utilities, gasoline, doctors, lawyers and Indian Chiefs, all paid from that $320 a week gross. The "wink, wink," Federal poverty level for a family of four is officially listed... (more)

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California's New and Improved Minimum Wage

By Steven Lane, published on Dec 30, 2006

On the first of January, the state of California will raise its minimum wage. Moving on up from $6.75 an hour, sixty minutes of your time will now earn you a minimum of $7.50 per. That's a 11.1% increase, as California offers up the highest wages in the nation. I wondered how people would be impacted by the mandated largess by our elected officials. I set out to seek wisdom.

First, I discussed it with a friend who is a co-owner of a small chain of seven very busy pizzerias in Ventura County. I asked, "Well, my friend, how will you and your company handle this increased cost? Will you... (more)

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