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Can They Truly Run a Business?

By ranfuchs, published on Apr 3, 2010

Recently, I needed to fly to Tucson Arizona with a friend. The cheapest we could find was a 3-legged flight with a transit at Phoenix. But after we booked, we changed our minds and decided to rent a car and drive the last leg from Phoenix to Tucson, so we called the airline to cancel the last leg:

Me: I would like to cancel the last leg of our flight, and get off at Phoenix

Airline rep: No problem Sir. It'll cost you $400 a ticket.

Me: I am not sure I explained myself well, all I want is to not take the last flight. Surely not flying can’t cost more than taking the flight.... (more)

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What Recession? Flip Flop Shops Growing Fast!

By SocialMedia_Chick, published on Nov 24, 2009

While the economic climate throughout the past couple of years has left an increasing number of small businesses challenged, forcing some to pull the plug on growth and expansion all together, Flip Flop Shops , North America’s first retail chain exclusive to the hottest brands and latest styles of flip flops and sandals, has defied the odds and grown its network of franchises at a record pace.

Behind the strength and experience of an executive team that boasts a combined 50 years of franchise experience – including the same group of major players who helped build such household... (more)

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China says yes to free markets, no to free currency regime

By Mritunjay, published on Nov 17, 2009

... made in past statements, to move toward a more market-oriented exchange rate over time.” Such action would be welcome in the United States and elsewhere, he hinted: “Doing so based on economic fundamentals would make an essential contribution to the global rebalancing effort.” (Source:

The Chinese government keeps a tight leash on it's currency exchange rates. The rates for Yuan (CNY) have moved in a narrow range of 6.78 (August 27' 09) to 6.86 (July 23' 09) against the USD, which provides immense trade benefit to Chinese exporters.

With... (more)

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Model Jasmine Joi: Relax And Have Fun

By Gary Schwind, published on Jun 19, 2009

... me and it will be a total accomplishment if I make that happen. That's my goal as a model. Overall, I want to be an entrepreneur. I'll give myself a couple more years with the modeling thing, and hopefully things will work out for me. I'm trying to do some reality TV stuff.

What sort of business do you want to start?

Everybody has hair and nail salons. I want to do a makeup salon. Nobody has that right now. I really like makeup, but I'm not good at doing makeup. I like the idea of changing a person in ten minutes. I've been thinking about opening a makeup salon with a few... (more)

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How Reno's RC Willey Did The Bait And Switch On Us

By Edward, published on Jun 1, 2009 finance a washer, dryer and refrigerator with 12 months zero interest no payments. Armed with that in writing, we go to Reno’s RC Willey on the way south end of Reno. There a Carol in appliances slyly pounces on us. We look around, pick out what we liked, Carol calls I guess it was the business office and then tells us good news, RC Willey can beat Lowe’s. RC Willey will go 18 months zero interest no payments and was there anything this else we needed because RC Willey would also increase the amount over what Lowe’s would give us. 18 months zero interest no payments Carol said.... (more)

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It's Not My Job

By D. E. Carson, published on Aug 6, 2008

...for even thinking something isn’t their job.  If you work for someone it is your job.  You are being paid by someone to make sure that the organization for which you work is successful.  The reward for that is that you get to keep your job because the organization gets to stay in business.

When people start adopting the mentality of “that’s not my job” then everyone suffers in the end.  The customer will take her money and go find a place that says, “I’ll take care of you, the customer whether it’s my job or not.”  Then the organization where “that’s... (more)

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