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Business duo, how to do it

By Alex Petrovic, published on Jun 12, 2012

...of all we had heard. Yet we were setting an example we thought, a tourist centre for Sydney. Instead we uncovered where most people would not dare to go. With out theory of working on going forward and putting together what is behind us we would never discover the real reason why this business had been closed for so long.

I needed a movie set, with lovely ladies. It was a business strategy to be able to put how a positive work environment works. It didn't matter who we had to work with. Well, it was prostitutes, the work environment was prostitutes and for many people... (more)

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Business mindset within the head office excels business

By Alex Petrovic, published on Jun 6, 2012

Business, working 24/7 who really needs that. Where is the fun, well you don't mean to work all the time. Then the work load increases you have people to do the work however you know this work needs your attention. How to solve problems in business is to take notice of the pulse within the office, your warehouse or your team.

Listen to your employees, knowing that their mental attitude is the front for your business. How many bosses are too busy to listen, thinking that the problem will go away. Or is a problem that no one finds until too late. How to put the mechanism in to watch,... (more)

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Angels of Entanglement

By p.d.adams, published on Mar 20, 2012

She captures images of lemmings attacking yaks in sack races, pilgrims strapping peaches onto the drums of war. Is it a new push to the limits by theNetwork for purity--purity for the old history?

It was, it seems, the jobs they took--a myth cemented as the ideal springboard. Prefrontals measured and fitted for new thinking. The kind of artificial being theHumans allowed--to join the workaday world for acceptance, being acceptable inside the watchtowers.

She doesn't seem to care much about the [fashion online religion medical event="for_me"] society. She doesn't care about iterations... (more)

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Out of the Classroom Lessons in Success

By Yvonne Wu, published on Jan 29, 2012

...15 years. I look at everything as if it’s a new product from an unknown start-up. Kids are a product of their education and experiences. In the end, they need to sell their product – their skills - to employers and customers. A start-up company isn’t about the product. It’s about the business of that product. What makes a start-up succeed or fail is what’s wrapped around the product. Let’s face it; a lot of really dumb products have been successful in the marketplace. The most advanced technical product with the best features doesn’t necessarily win. Kids are the same way.... (more)

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Decision-making step by step

By ranfuchs, published on Jan 2, 2012

...he said. So while good decision-making skills will help with any aspect of your life, your career is a natural place to start with. Let’s look at two real-life examples:

Ian, after many years as a senior manager at a multi-national company, decided that his understanding of the business world, his contacts and the money he had put aside would allow him to leave the unforgiving corporate battlefield and start his own business. After some investigation, he started a small trading operation, which proved a success. The business made nice profits, and after a few years, Ian had... (more)

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The Top 3 Employee Habits that are Killing your Business

By iDatix, published on Nov 17, 2011

Anyone who owns or manages a business understands how difficult it can be. Positioning the company for growth while minimizing time wasted and cutting unnecessary costs is an integral part of any successful campaign. Yet it can seem at times that the staff you have in place to achieve these goals are the very same employees that are hindering your success. Described below are the top 3 time wasting activities at a business.

Searching for documents is a significant source of wasted time in an office. 15% of all paper handled in businesses is lost, according the Delphi Group and 30%... (more)

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The Benefits of Starting a Business Today

By TonyBerkman, published on Sep 20, 2011

...just an illusion. The most esteemed enterprises and banking systems in the world have collapsed and many families have lost their primary sources of income. Stock portfolios for those who have them have collapsed and its difficult to know what place is safe to keep money. Starting your own business may be the best place to invest your time resourcefulness and money.

The literature on starting your own business and who is made to be an entrepreneur is large. Yet despite all that is written starting a business comes down to common sense. It requires some thought and then the leap... (more)

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8 Ways to Find Your Biggest Competitors

By Allison Way, published on Jun 1, 2011

...and e-mails can’t hurt either.

3. Be a Reporter

Check up on your competitors both online and offline. Use an analyst firm like Gartner to conduct research and studies that evaluate your potential and current competitors.

4. Ask your Suppliers

A lot of small businesses use the same suppliers as their competitors. Try talking to your suppliers about who else they do business with. When you take the time to get to know your suppliers (which you should do regardless), they may give you information about who the main competitors might be and what they’re... (more)

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International Day of Compassion - Care or Cure

By Barkha Dhar, published on May 15, 2011

...patient’s health with difference. His benevolent intervention and humanitarian approach to the practice of medicine is a much needed component in the healthcare system today. Imagine if compassion would have been the cornerstone of healthcare, we would not have been indulging in the business of antidepressants! Or relying too much and too often on sedatives and tranquilizers leading to prescription drug abuse. Moreover, had compassionate care and not just ‘cure’ been one of the precepts of healthcare, health insurance would not have been a booming business in the United... (more)

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Operation Digital Angel

By Paul Wylie, published on Apr 9, 2011

It's funny how we miss the huge issues streaking toward us as we go about our daily lives. As most of us, myself included, worry about the issues before us today, we almost never see the controversial subject creeping slowly and insidiously into our lives until they're already upon us.

For years now, the readers of future trends have been screaming from the rooftops about RFID chips, and how the intention is to eventually implant a chip into every human being on the planet as well as everything that is manufactured on the planet. RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is already implanted... (more)

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