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What Businesses Need to Know About Surety Bonds

By VictoriaH, published on Dec 4, 2013

Surety bonds are an essential tool for small businesses all across the United States. Despite their importance, many business owners tend to forget about surety bonds unless they are mandated by the law. Both small business owners and companies can highly benefit from the security and credibility that accompany proper surety bonding. To learn more about surety bonds click here.

What are surety bonds?

A surety bond is simply a risk alleviation and management tool. They are likened more to lines of credit than to insurance policies. Most states have them listed as requirements to... (more)

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The Credit Score Scam

By DKIdea, published on Jun 18, 2013

Credit cards and the companies behind them have hoodwinked the public into believing they are more important than they really are....and doing so at unbelievable profits. It’s gotten to the point that everything is hooked into your credit score. Soon, buying the simplicities of food and clothing will depend on your credit score. I’m exaggerating, but I really won’t be surprised if this becomes true soon.

A credit score is a snapshot of the risk you pose to a lender should they decide to lend to you. Now, the very fact that if you live without having to borrow from anyone and pay all... (more)

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Dating Game for Wannabe Skilled Immigrants

By Shane Joseph, published on Jan 5, 2013

... immigrant is, “Are you willing to get only about 20 years of benefit from this system (that is, if you arrive before the age of 30. If you come later, the reaping period is exponentially shorter) before you are put out to pasture or forced to use your entrepreneurial skills to start your own business?” Skills atrophy over time and today’s skilled worker is tomorrow’s re-trainee. If we cut the re-training, there is an even shorter shelf-life for the skilled worker. Re-training should also be comprehensive to recognize the aging worker; we cannot always be on an upward career... (more)

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I'm No Expert...But

By DKIdea, published on Nov 12, 2012

I’m no expert...but I’d like to give a voice to the millions of people suffering and dying from cancer. I’m no expert, but I’m very familiar with cancer as it has taken away my mother, my aunt (her sister), many cousins and threatens to do even more. Cancer being what it is isn’t the issue I want to give voice to...but cancer being what it’s not: eradicated.

To be logically fair, there are so many types of cancer effecting so many different people that it may never be fully eradicated...but I’m a firm believer that more can be done to combat it and that the key to more successful treatments... (more)

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My Tax Dollars...Your Burden

By DKIdea, published on Nov 12, 2012

“My tax dollars pay for your salary!”

Ok...since I’m also a tax payer, it’s safe to say that my tax dollars also pay for my salary, so essentially, I‘m paying myself. I’m my own boss...but I already knew this. I get a kick out of people that brandish the fiery fist of power fueled by their tax dollars. In fact, I get a kick out of the very idea that they think they have any ownership at all over the money that is confiscated from them by our government. Yes...confiscated, because it is taken from you wether you want to give it or not.

Let me lay this out for you. You’re money... (more)

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Health for Profit

By DKIdea, published on Nov 11, 2012

...Tell me, if YOU had the cure right now...would you give it away? Sell it? Suppress it to continue to profit from treatment? You might be repulsed to know that your personal views and those that fuel the industry are miles apart.

This type of thinking isn’t new. It’s the mind of business. I don’t have a problem with business...but I think it’s sick when business is conducted at the expense of people's lives. I was watching an episode of “Shark Tank” recently and there was a man that invented a nasal screen. Without going into too much detail, let me just say it was an... (more)

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Phillip had put his foot in his mouth again

By Cherry4, published on Oct 19, 2012

...lips. He spoke with a British accent; the words were clear and his voice soft.

All the young ladies at the office talked about how handsome he was but not one of them wished to be his girlfriend because they remember all too well that one time he got drunk and talked his personal business in front of everyone and even when he told the secret of his manager and it made the headlines.

Phillip was not an alcoholic, he drank occasionally but when he did drink everyone got scared.

It was a Friday night and BP Amoco was having their annual Christmas dinner. This was a... (more)

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Don’t Just Make An Impression: Create An Amazing Reputation

By Jeisyn Murphy, PhD, published on Oct 12, 2012

How do you feel about having to make an impression on someone? For some it’s a daunting task. For others it’s a chance to make connections, do a little business, find friends or even a mate.

Are you good at it? Do you think you have room for improvement? According to a recent study on Facebook profile photos, people who include social cues in their profile photos are perceived to be more socially attractive. A social cue might be you playing catch with your kids, holding a drink and smiling, playing the guitar or any information that shows who you are and what you’re about.

That... (more)

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Profiling People an important part of any business

By Jennifer Stone, published on Aug 14, 2012

When you have staff, you need to see that the profile of your introduced person to the working environment is important for the work within the business to be effective.

It's true, many businesses will hire staff just on credientals yet it's just not the credientals. When people move jobs it is a stressful period within their lives. It's just the most important part of the business that the business moves forward at each stage.

Some people will have some gifts, other people will be great at research, others will be the friendly warm face that is very important for a business.

... (more)

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Entrepreneurs and Big Government

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jul 19, 2012

I couldn’t believe my ears recently while listening to one of President Obama’s latest speeches. And it still causes my ears to burn and bones to shake.

This President clearly stated that if you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or one who’s accumulated wealth, no matter how big or small, you couldn’t have done it without your friendly government standing by your side, holding you up, supporting your every decision, move, plan, and policy making you successful. His remarks (see two of them below) were completely inappropriate to the business community (especially small business owners)... (more)

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