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Why Diamonds May Soon be a Better Investment Than Gold

By RandyVulture, published on Apr 3, 2014

Deciding how to invest your money is not something that anyone should take lightly. There are many options for investors; depending on the amount you'd like to invest, along with the amount of risk you're willing to take on will largely impact your decisions. Today, investing in commodities such as gold and silver is gaining popularity. These investments are not as fluid as stocks and bonds, and are always available. However, it's important to note that while gold is a historically popular choice, diamonds are sparkling their way into the minds of investors everywhere, and have become a great... (more)

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The Roller Coaster of Cryptocurrency: A look to the Future

By RandyVulture, published on Mar 26, 2014

...Bitcoin doesn’t depend on any government, it isn’t affected by governmental financial woes.

Bitcoin use does have a darker side. Shady characters take advantage of the system to carry out money laundering and other schemes.

Who accepts bitcoins as payment? A growing list of businesses see the perks of Bitcoin and welcome it. Such businesses include, Virgin Galactic, Wordpress, and The Pirate Bay. One car dealership even recently accepted Bitcoin when selling a Tesla. Also, as Bitcoin continues its rise, more casinos are considering allowing people to use... (more)

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How to choose the best Halal caterer?

By chrisezine, published on Mar 25, 2014

Finding the best Halal caterer is no different from locating the best caterer or a business or an employee or an employer.

It starts with knowing what your exact needs and finding a caterer that provides the best solution for it by providing the most suitable services that best match not only your requirements but also expectations.

Once you know your specific needs including budget, number of guests, menu, location, etc. get in phase two that involves talking to relatives, friends and acquaintances who may recommend a caterer they think is the best whether personally or indirectly.... (more)

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Earning Online Without Investment !

By chrisezine, published on Mar 21, 2014

...earn online without making any monetary investment! There are many ways to earn online and most of them do not require any monetary investment. However, they do require you to be sincere in your efforts. Here is how you can earn online without spending a penny:

1. Become a member of business forums and be active there. They will enlighten you about the various opportunities of earning using interent. Your best best would be doing the things which you know, or are interested in learning. Forums keeps you updated on whats happening in the online world and is also a good place to... (more)

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Create your corporate identity

By chrisezine, published on Mar 19, 2014

Every business or organization, regardless of its size or mission should create a corporate identity to define who it is and what it can do for customers, partners, vendors, and consumers.

When you create a corporate identity for your business, you differentiate it from every other business in your niche and industry and make it easier for people to recognize your brand from your communications.

A corporate identity makes it much easier to define your company’s mission, purpose, and values. A corporate identity, then, creates a consistent and memorable impression about your company.... (more)

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iDatix Wins “Innovator of the Year Award”

By Alexander Craddock, published on Mar 3, 2014

The 1st Annual Bright House Regional Business Awards took place last night, on February 27 in Tampa, FL. iDatix team members were in attendance and thrilled with the announcement that iDatix had received the most prestigious award of the evening “Innovator of the Year.”

The Bright House Networks Regional Business Awards are intended to honor outstanding businesses throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Criteria for analysis included Vision, Growth, Stability, Innovation, and Community. Steve Allen, CEO of iDatix, was interviewed in order to demonstrate leadership in these areas.

“We’re... (more)

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Improving Small Scale Businesses through Local Citations

By Greg P, published on Feb 24, 2014

It doesn’t merely focus on selling at the lowest price, but is also about exposing your business to the right crowd. Going online is the way to attract as much attention as possible. For business entities to compete online, it is important that they are, first, seen. This leads to visibility, from not knowing about you to knowing that you exist and are available to help meet their needs. Citations are one of the ways for popularity to work best. Like hearing about a great new restaurant in town from a friend, it suddenly holds your attention. When a business line is mentioned online, through... (more)

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Why You Should Allow Employees to use Their Personal Phones

By Joe Fort, published on Feb 18, 2014

The latest trend that's on the rise in workplaces is the emergence of "bring your own device," or BYOD programs. Basically, these programs allow employees to use their own technology to access company files and programs. At first the idea of opening up this sensitive information to outside technology had IT directors reeling and trying to figure out how to keep their networks secure. But as time passed, employers are really starting to see the major benefits of implementing these programs. Here are a few reasons to allow your employees to use their personal phones (and other gadgets) at work.

... (more)

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Financing a Business in 2014: What Are Your Options?

By TedLevin, published on Feb 15, 2014

Starting a new business can be a big investment, in many ways. Not only does it take creativity and big ideas, but it also takes a lot of money. In fact, big ideas can’t get off the ground without the financial backing to make it all happen. It’s a classic catch-22; you have to spend money to make it, but the more you spend it seems like the less you make. So how do you get the money to back your business without going into debt from the get-go?

There are easy ways to finance your small business that take planning, but can also help you to make a profit earlier in the game. The following... (more)

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Why You Need a Financial Advisors When You are Investing in a Company

By Ricky99, published on Feb 3, 2014 need to get ahead and stay there, but you're lacking the funds necessary to make that leap. New equipment and salaries for additional don't grow on trees, after all. So, you're ready to strike a bargain with a bank: they give you the loan you need, and you re-pay it, with interest. But business loans are getting harder and harder to come by, at least from traditional financial institutions. But don't file for bankruptcy just yet, because there is a viable alternative: private investors. Private investors invest in your company by giving you the business capital you need. You use that ... (more)

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