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Put Animation At The Front Of Your Content Marketing Strategy

By ThomasStocks, published on Jul 19, 2014

...with your video.

Animation is a technique that always strikes a chord with the audience, especially when incorporated with humour. Although a lot of audiences may feel comics or ‘narrative infographics’ are a bit immature, some of the biggest bosses will appreciate animation as a business driver.

The important thing to remember is to be open-minded when it comes to animation. When there is an animation that works for your competitor, it doesn’t mean that same idea would work for you – be original.

What you need to establish first is your business goals. Once... (more)

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Streamline Your Business With Unified Communications

By ThomasStocks, published on Jul 16, 2014

For businesses, being productive, efficient and cost-effective is extremely important, and there are always to improve the process of your business. One way to do this is unified communications.

What is unified communications?

Unified communications means the integration of different types of real-time communication services including data sharing, call control, speech recognition, instant messaging, telephony, video conferencing and desktop sharing.

What are the benefits?

Unified communication is ideal for everyday use of communication in the workplace. It allows... (more)

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China bans Ramadan fasting

By rosemaryrose, published on Jul 11, 2014

At present it is very difficult to find anything positive about China’s excessive control over its society. Some critics are also of the opinion that this very controlling nature has fueled protests in Xinjiang region. This province has been known as a home for Uighur Muslims. Recently, china had made every effort o curb every extremist activity in the region by cracking down on terrorist outfits. In the wake of killing civilians in a bombing, China had also ordered taking down of any information from the internet which could aid in the development of any terrorist material.

It... (more)

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How Technology Has Grown To Help Business

By ThomasStocks, published on Jul 10, 2014

If you take a step back and look at the advances in technology over the last decade, and how they have impacted on the way companies do business, it’s pretty incredible. From the high-speed trading that has transformed stock exchanges, to 3D printing of construction and health materials, to sentiment tracking technology that enables brands to adjust their marketing messages in real-time based on unfolding events, the business world is changing at a rapid pace.

The Cloud, one of the most significant developments in internet services in a long time, enables businesses of all sizes to save... (more)

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How to Play the Dice Games?

By chrisezine, published on Apr 28, 2014

The game requires only the dice; there is no need of pen and paper like other games. On other part of the game it requires stakes, whereas a throwing cup is recommended for the other functions in game. In the case of throwing cup there should be a present of mug and beaker to play. The game is fully based up on lucks with great suspense. Most of the children will enjoy this game because of the simplicity in game. The children’s will enjoy only few dice games, while the others are used to like many dice games. In order to play the player has to decide a single die with first, second throw and... (more)

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A Short, Comprehensive Guide to Leasing Business Fleets

By Frank, published on Apr 27, 2014

A large majority of transport-heavy businesses are moving towards leasing business fleets as a great alternative to an out-right purchase. With low initial payments and pre-determined, fixed payment terms, leasing offers businesses far greater control in terms of cash flow and budget, as well as giving their employees choice and flexibility as far as their vehicle is concerned. Here are some of the most common lease types available, and who they best suit.

Contract Hire

Contract hire is by far the most widely used form of fleet leasing in today's market. With this approach,... (more)

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Reasons Why You Need to Buy Tumblr Followers

By chrisezine, published on Apr 22, 2014

Tumblr is one of the greatest micro blogging social sites out there. Many people use Tumblr to blog on their views, as well as share pictures, video clips and audio messages with other Tumblr users. Businesses, firms and even young entrepreneurs use the social site to advertise and market their businesses, and use it to create and promote brand awareness. With many people using Tumblr every day, it has become the perfect place to market your business and products online. You too can benefit from using Tumblr to increase your online presence by increasing your Tumblr followers. One of the... (more)

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ccGenie – Making your Email Work

By chrisezine, published on Apr 19, 2014

ccGenie is a new service that aims to take the hard work out of using your email. I've been using it for a couple of months now and I’ve benefitted enough to warrant this review.

What is ccGenie? ccGenie is a service that addresses the most common complaint about email – it’s hard work. Nothing takes the wind out of your sails on a morning like logging in to your inbox and finding dozens or even hundreds (if you’re really popular) of messages, attachments, spreadsheets and contacts. The guys behind ccGenie clearly realized this and created this tool to solve the problem.

Through... (more)

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More Reasons Why Companies are Choosing Serviced Offices

By chrisezine, published on Apr 9, 2014

As the term service offices becomes popular every day, more and more people are learning how different types of serviced offices in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, or in other major cities around can benefit them. There are many other reasons that will make more businessmen and companies opt for this kind of office. Here are some of the reasons below:

Hiring the Best Staff

One of the commitments that professional serviced office companies promise their renters is round the clock technical support. However, some companies choose to employ their own in order to avoid costly mistakes such... (more)

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Top office expenses that you can easily avoid

By chrisezine, published on Apr 8, 2014

...been blessed with by the supreme power of Time! You can use these tips to save on some huge office expenses.

Hunt for furniture, stationary, and services in groups for great prices

There are so many agencies and wholesalers out there who only focus on corporate houses for their business. By shopping for necessary items such as office stationary etc in groups, you can increase the volume of the purchase and can hence deal for lesser costs. In several cities, there are groups of small businesses that shop together. Similar is also true for services that you might need to... (more)

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