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"The Vietnam War is a distant memory to the American people"

By Lartinos, published on Oct 16, 2012

The Vietnam War is a distant memory that most Americans do not understand. This makes it a perpetual problem in society, as people continue to just go along with what other people are doing. Just like Germany under Hitler, people will go with the status quo flow until it drowns them. Propaganda can become the truth: if you try to question someone about it, they will exclaim you are wrong. We are a country chasing its tail as the two-party system plays us and perpetrates wars in the name of the ruling class. It uses the media to program society to think a certain way because most don’t... (more)

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Henny-Penny Fears About Deficit Spending: A Tired Old Tale

By John Nelson, published on Apr 25, 2012

...with enormous debt. Perot understood business, but not economic policy. Managing the largest economy in the world is not the same as running a business or managing your household finances. You do not need a doctorate in macroeconomics to balance your checkbook.

Reagan and George H.W. Bush used deficit spending to keep us out of a depression following the crash of 1987. Reagan spent heavily on the defense industry. We ran up debt until the cycle up-turned and the economy recovered. By 1999, we had wiped out our debt and had amassed a budget surplus. Perot’s grandchildren did not ... (more)

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The Death Of Decency

By paulwylie, published on Oct 1, 2011

...fellow soldiers, once they were over there, that the entire affair was a sham. That no one had any idea of what it was they were attempting to accomplish, and that the powers that be were more interested in guarding the oil fields than they were in trying to rebuild the infrastructure that the Bush Administration had so shockingly and awe inspiringly blown sky high. As the night became late, I wanted to take him back to his mother's house, but he insisted on staying, assuring me he'd hitch a ride with one of the good fellas from the neighborhood. I made sure that he had my email and my... (more)

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Perpetuating The Bin Laden Myth

By Paul Wylie, published on Oct 19, 2010

Author's note: I wrote this article a little more than two years ago when it seemed that every time a vote was to take place or an election was upcoming, the powers that be would start the fear mongering about Osama Bin Laden. Once the Bush crowd left office, it was safely assumed the practice would end, but to our great national shame, there are those who would use the specter and ghost of a dead man to frighten people into voting one way or the other.

Read this article in the context of the time when it was written and then ask yourself, who is really behind these stories finding themselves... (more)

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Republicans Taste Their Own Medicine

By D. E. Carson, published on Sep 19, 2010

...Republicans have lost their minds as well claiming that the Democrats are selling out America to China, al Qaeda and others yet failing to stand up, draw the line in the sand and being the Republican Party that swept Reagan into office.

The people, the real people who run America kept Bush in office for eight years. Then in 2008, when Barry Soetoro and Company howled at how badly the Republicans had done things, the people basically said to Soetoro, "All right. You think you're so smart you have four years."

But the people were watching and when Soetoro didn't come... (more)

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You Can’t Blame Bush Anymore

By D. E. Carson, published on Sep 4, 2010


“We inherited this economic crisis from the previous administration.” This is the mantra of the Obama Administration for the last 20 months. They want to make everything Bush’s fault and yet, there comes a time when you have to stop blaming someone else for your mistakes. But as usual, Obama keeps playing the “Not my fault” card as if it’s supposed to make all of us poor Americans somehow feel better.

First of all, this isn’t Bush’s fault as Obama would have you believe. The economy is the result of liberal fiscal policies that have been in place since 2006 when they... (more)

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Gulf Oil Spill Over – For Now at Least

By D. E. Carson, published on Jul 18, 2010 any moment, environmental terrorists are screaming that additional monitoring of the cap is needed but none of this concerns Obama. God forbid that the affairs of state interfere with his personal life. Obama has taken more vacations and played more golf in the last 18 months than George W. Bush did in 96 months. Does Obama ever plan to actually work? There is an immediate response that comes to mind, but in the interests of not exposing Obama as the lazy, worthless, dolt that he is, that comment will remain … “No!”

Obama is, at this point in what will hopefully be his only ... (more)

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Who is George Soros?

By D. E. Carson, published on May 16, 2010

...what Article, Section and Paragraph contains that particular clause. The Carson’s Corner crack research team are all over this one and we will get back to you in the event we actually happen to find it.

But Soros doesn’t just stop at being a single entity in opposition to George W. Bush and American capitalism. Soros is the founder of the Open Society Institute (OSI). On the OSI website is a link to an organizational chart which lists these, among others, as the purposes of core OSI funds [3]:


Ensuring justice and equality, and... (more)

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At The Mercy of Progressives

By D. E. Carson, published on Apr 15, 2010

... as charismatic as a snake oil salesman but the potion he is pedaling is more dangerous than any snake oil salesman ever pushed.

He promised change but no one dared to ask, “Change TO what?” Americans who voted for the liar were all so convinced that anything was better than George W. Bush – except John McCain – that Obama was ushered into the White House without so much as proof of his Constitutional legitimacy to hold the office. Americans were so gorged on the lies being fed to them by Barack Obama that they didn’t bother to ask the most important question of all:... (more)

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An Honest Look at a Dishonest Presidency

By D. E. Carson, published on Jul 19, 2009

What would you say if you turned on the news right now and heard that during his time as President of the United States, George W. Bush had:

·         Made a joke at the expense of the Special Olympics.

·         Ordered the installation of a teleprompter in the White House press briefing room for news conferences.

·         Given the prime minister of England a set of DVDs he could not play anywhere outside the United States after the prime minister gave the President a thoughtful and historically significant gift.

·         Given Queen Elizabeth II of England an... (more)

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