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A Story That May Change Your Life Forever

By Coach Phatty, published on Jan 26, 2014

There aren’t too many videos that I have seen that has touched my heart as much as this one. It is truly one of the saddest video that you may ever watch but also one of the most encouraging and motivational.

Lizzie Velasquez was born with a rare disease that makes it impossible for her to gain weight. A few years ago so discovered that internet bullies cruelly voted her the "Ugliest on the Internet."

Rising above her tormentors she has gone on to succeed greatly in life. Watch her give an amazing and inspiring speech that will literally change your life! She will inspire you... (more)

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Not So Incognito

By Jeff Weisinger, published on Nov 6, 2013


Incognito also threatened ESPN’s Adam Schefter along with several other NFL analysts, threatening Schefter to clear his name and to fight him, using the hashtag: #BringIt.

At least Martin isn’t the only one here feeling the “Wrath of Richard.”

Although the bullying is at the forefront of this entire situation, Incognito, if he pisses more people off, could face a possible hate crime charge, along with extortion. If he’s smart, he’d begin to lay low while suspended. And looking for a new job.

A Dolphins official stated that Incognito is... (more)

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A Lion’s Tale: A Story About Courage and Bullies

By Coach Phatty, published on Oct 24, 2013

There are many times throughout a person’s life that they may be bullied, abused or harassed by a person or group of people. Probably one of the most important things that can help a person deal with this kind of behavior is their mental and emotional mind-set. A brave attitude is one of the best remedies for abuse and harassment.

In a small village there lived a boy called Leo. He was a small, slim kid, and he lived forever in fear because some boys from a neighboring village would harass poor Leo and try to have fun at his expense.

One day, a young wizard was passing by the... (more)

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Anti-Bullying Help

By Ely North, published on Apr 3, 2013

Dear Ely,

I’m a forty-year-old computer engineer (in other words, a nerd), and I’m being bullied. A guy I work with always makes fun of me in front of our colleagues. I would be able to bear the hurtful insults, but he takes the abuse much farther. Sometimes when I’m in the men’s room he and his cronies corner me and beat me up. They punch me in the stomach and chest (so as not to leave any visible bruises) and take my lunch money. Then they dunk my head in the toilet until I agree to do all their work. This kind of thing has been happening my whole life, and I don’t know... (more)

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Were You Born That Way?

By wolfmomma, published on Jun 15, 2012

At the age of 5, I knew in my heart that my son was gay. There were little tale tale signs, mostly...but I guess a mother just seems to sense things about their children in that innate, deep-down way. I resolved to raise him in a manner that he could figure things out by himself. I did not lead him in one direction or another. I simply let him be who he was going to be.

He was a shy child, having mostly female friends and not playing with very many boys. I speculated over that quite a bit. Was it because he was attracted to them at such a young age and did not know how... (more)

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Russian Roulette

By D. Sager, published on Dec 15, 2011

I slid bullets into the chamber, spinning the cylinder, my world balancing on a razor's edge, looking down the barrel of the gun.

That was how it ended up, but the beginning was only moments before...

The cabinet was open. I fancied the .38, its slight sheen producing a dull rainbow of metallic colors. I loaded it with hollow points, short and thick, like me. Looking curiously at the soft lead, its deep hole a receptacle for my soul, I held it up to my temple. Looking, without seeing, in the glass of the gun cabinet, my reflection taunted me, but I felt nothing, ignoring the... (more)

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