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Born to be unusual

By Unexpected Traveller, published on Apr 11, 2010

Thanks to Murphy and his annoying law, I arrived in Brussels only to have my hand luggage stolen while on the train from the airport. It was a classic con with people moving around in the carriage re-arranging their luggage on the overhead rail because they kept changing seats when in fact they were moving my hand luggage around. I reported this to the police and am now trying to replace my passport because of impending travel.

The inside of the passport office is as dreary as any other governmental department but I caught the tail end of a heated argument between one “customer” and... (more)

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Afghanistan: U.S. Wants 10,000 Troops from Allies

By Mritunjay, published on Nov 26, 2009

...of an arrangement with mixed forces may not yield the results that a single force may be able to achieve. They believe that the forces of other nations are not as well matched as their U.S. counterparts in skills and ammunitions.

While the allies deliberate, U.S. will unveil its Afghanistan strategy on Tuesday. NATO foreign ministers are scheduled to meet in Brussels on the next Thursday and Friday to discuss Afghanistan though troop commitments are not likely to be discussed in detail before the upcoming so-called Force-generation Conference on Dec. 7, in Brussels.


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