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Series - We The People - Nov 3 Join Earth Protests #22

By Rose Mountain, published on Oct 23, 2007

...Oct 27th,2007 nationwide WAR & IMPEACH Protests in 11 major cities across country, everyone is joining the regional event closest to them. Hosted by United For Peace and Justice. FOR INFO & LINKS to each of 11 regional events, see Article, Oct 27 Protests Nationwide #18 NEWS by DEMOCRACY NOW on radio & 500 local public TV stations in nation,video & transcripts at *Tues,Oct 23,2007 "ENVIRONMENTAL JOURNALIST BILL MCKIBBEN on the LINKS BETWEEN... (more)

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BrooWaha Writing Contest: And the Winner is ...

By Ariel, published on Oct 14, 2007

Dear BrooWaha readers and writers, It is my pleasure to announce that the winner of the 1st BrooWaha Writing Contest is: Tina Dupuy! Her article Stand Up, Sit Down, Do Your Civic Duty received the best ratings from the members of our jury, who were: · David Cohn , Editor at NewAssignment.Net, Joshua Marks , Features Editor,, David Domingo , Assistant Professor at University of Iowa, Glenn Koenig , Staff Photographer at the Los Angeles Times, and Al Miller , Professor, Communications at Moorpark College Here are a few quotes by a few of our jurors summarizing thoughts... (more)

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BrooWaha Writing Contest: The Results Are In!

By Ariel, published on Oct 8, 2007

Dear BrooWaha readers, The BrooWaha Writing Contest officially ended yesterday at midnight and it is now time to announce the pre-selected articles. More than 50 articles qualified to enter the competition and we had a difficult time selecting the 10 articles to make it to the last phase of the contest. Congratulations to the authors of the 10 articles below, you have been selected! · Boob Scotch by V (writer), September 12, 2007, published in BrooWaha Los Angeles · Ten Ways To Make Your Summer Last by Venditto (writer), September 17, 2007, published in BrooWaha New York... (more)

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Ten Ways To Make Your Summer Last

By Venditto, published on Sep 17, 2007

... over, but I cry NO! We've still got a week or two of warm weather ahead of us and I'm not ready to declare summer over just yet. Not too long ago I made a list of the great summer hangouts in New York City. It was originally printed in the SoHo Journal, but I'd love to revisit for you rabid BrooWaHa readers. So come with me, if you will, as I reveal to you my top ten favorite places to enjoy the last gasps of summer. The Staten Island Ferry: For those of us who want to experience a sea faring voyage on a restrictive budget, there is the Staten Island Ferry, located (appropriately... (more)

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1st BrooWaha Writing Contest Opens

By Ariel, published on Sep 4, 2007, the Citizen Newspaper Network, is launching its 1st writing contest for authors in cities all across the country. The contest will be judged by industry professionals and journalism professors from companies and universities such as the Los Angeles Times, Variety Magazine,, the University of Iowa, and Moorpark College. Authors who have been looking for a new and exciting outlet on which to publish high-quality, cutting-edge articles: look no further! During the month of September, BrooWaha is organizing a writing contest which will reward the best local... (more)

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This One's Short and Sweet

By D. E. Carson, published on Aug 3, 2007

Since it seems that my articles have been drawing fire lately -- and rightly so since there is always a conflict when it comes to the truth -- I have opted to revive an old blog site I started several months ago. I'm not going to stop writing for BrooWaha, but some of my more pointed comments will be reserved for the blog. To those of you who seem to like my pushing the envelope, you are welcome to visit my blog at: For those of you who wish I would go away, sorry, ain't happenin'! I'm still going to protest loudly when politicans miss the point on issues.... (more)

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Grand Jury Throws Michael Vick to the Dogs

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jul 17, 2007 big bold letters. Michael Vick will now have to turn himself into authorities and face the music. I guess the grand jury didn’t buy his lame excuse that he didn’t live in the house where all of the alleged dog fighting took place. I caught a lot of heat from Vick fans for my BrooWaha article, “Message to Michael Vick: Dog Fighting is Dog----!” I also got a lot of views. It’s a very hot topic right now, and with Vick’s indictment, it’s going to get even hotter. On July 7th, reported that is was very unlikely that Vick would get... (more)

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No Privacy on the Net

By D. E. Carson, published on Jul 12, 2007

...shit-for-brains scumbag is looking at your pictures or videos. Consider how many children are the victims of Internet predators because the parents of those children don’t monitor their child’s Internet usage. This is why I don’t have a MySpace page. It is also why my BrooWaHa profile photo isn’t really me – it’s a Photoshop altered image. The person in the photo doesn’t really exist. Any photo I have placed on the Internet is of people who are already in the public spotlight – celebrities, politicians, newsmakers – or... (more)

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BrooWaha Facebook Application Has Arrived!

By Ariel, published on Jul 7, 2007

Sharing your BrooWaha articles with your Facebook friends is now a just a click away with the fully integrated BrooWaha application. With the BrooWaha application, your profile will automatically post your most recent articles for all your friends to see. Now you can show the world your stuff, and get your friends to be a part of YOUR Citizen Newspaper! Just click the following link to install it: Add the BrooWaha plugin now! (more)

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The Bored Of Education

By Hunter Addams, published on Jul 2, 2007

...didn't get the job. Communication skills go farther than just the ability to form a sentence. It's in your demeanor, your conversation, it's even in your handwriting. No one is perfect, but some of us actually try to improve ourselves and surroundings on a daily basis. Even the creators of BrooWaha, for example. They've created something which thrives on the thoughts and points of view of real people, not high paid "reporters" who have writers, editors and proofreaders. But who are these "real" people anyway? The masses? The everyday average D-Student who went nowhere and has no ambition ... (more)

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