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"Anonymous Reader" Demands Changes to BrooWaha Rating System

By yesteryear, published on Dec 13, 2007

...Richard online, so when we saw that someone had finally taken the time to update all of his fans on what he's been up to, we were really excited. So of course it was really disappointing to see the rude and nasty comment the "anonymous reader" posted. It's been a major blow to all of us." BrooWaha's already fair and accurate rating system currently allows readers to rate articles on a scale of one to five stars (five being considered "excellent"), and offers separate rating scales based on an article's level of Interest, Writing, Analysis, and Fairness. BrooWaha readers are also given... (more)

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Series-We The People-Call Congress Stop $$ War #31

By Rose Mountain, published on Dec 12, 2007

...92 progressive Congressmembers to Bush saying they will no longer fund the war, and a recent letter to House Speaker Pelosi. Plus breaking news below on Kucinich preparing documents to impeach Bush too, impeach bill for Cheney is now in House Judiciary Committee, see Article #28 at *CHECK WEBSITE FOR BREAKING NEWS, EVENTS & POST OWN EVENTS on PDA "BREAKING NEWS: Democrats Pull War Funding. House Appropriations Chair Rep. Obey said he will hew the current budget to conform to Bush's request by shaving earmarks, as well as... (more)

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Now Explain Yourself

By Brett M, published on Dec 11, 2007

I discovered BrooWaha sometime last summer. Wow was my reaction. A place for writing. I spent a few months exploring BrooWaha. I wish I read French. In the alternative, that BrooWaha Paris has an English version. I don’t know if I’m a writer. I do know that I write. I’ve written poetry, stories and a book. It’s as if I have this compulsion to write. I asked my mother once if I was adopted as we have no gene in common. Nope. My father disappeared when my mother told him she was pregnant. I was born in Redwood City, California, not the easiest place for a single mom. We moved... (more)

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A Family Dinner with Cities

By Digidave, published on Dec 10, 2007

... retired early. I also like to find analogies between neighborhoods. For example: The Hollywood strip's closely relative is Times Square in New York. Venice beach in LA is, without a doubt, the younger and warmer brother of Coney Island. Berkeley in the Bay Area is cousins with Morning Side Heights in New York. And the Western Addition in SF is akin to Carol Gardens in Brooklyn. Meanwhile: Williamsburg Brooklyn and the Mission District in SF are twins. I don't know all the Broowaha cities or neighborhoods. So I invite you to continue the analogies to your own neighborhood. (more)

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Series - We The People - WMD Expert vs. White House #30

By Rose Mountain, published on Dec 2, 2007

...of Downing Street to make the case for war." *BBC News Sept 24,2003 "No WMD in IRAQ, Source Claims" *Article #4,Series We The People-Iraq Lies & Whistleblowers This is the main article in this Series on US pre-invasion intelligence on Iraq. ( also Article #7 Carnegie Report, Bush Lies, excerpts at end of this Section. Article #8 International Tribunals on Bush Cheney US Media). Evidence from US & UK Intelligence, US &... (more)

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Y-Love Interview

By Josh Marks, published on Nov 27, 2007

The African-American convert to Judaism is poised to release his debut album, “This is Babylon,” early next year. Y-Love recently spoke to BrooWaha about rhyming in Aramaic, the political influence of Chuck D and the rise of Jewish alternative music. BrooWaha: Growing up black as the son of an Ethiopian-American father and Puerto Rican mother in Baltimore, what initially drew you to Judaism and what motivated you to convert at such a young age? Y-Love: My initial encounter with anything Jewish was honestly a commercial on TV when I was 7-years-old. It said “Happy Passover from your... (more)

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Series-WeThePeople- Impeach Bill in Congress #28

By Rose Mountain, published on Nov 13, 2007

...stay in the Headlines it was buried in the Political Section then disappeared off the paper entirely, the same thing happened to Article #27. But supportive Readers saved this Series by giving all Articles they've read "Excellent" Votes & Reviews. Yet Series is not yet on solid ground, Broowaha internal formulas are set so Reviews & Votes count more than anything else, owner says he's still tweaking system. This Series is growing, readership 200-400+ people, 27 Articles Total Views 8750. Yet most Readers aren't signed onto Broowaha, so the only way to resolve this is for... (more)

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Series - We The People - Censored Media VS Free Press #26

By Rose Mountain, published on Nov 4, 2007 has censored and/or distorted most information on the Bush Admin, including hundreds of high-level whistleblowers, independent news investigations and leaked documents, Congressional Hearings and Government investigations,etc,etc, see Articles #1-#20 in this Series at Yet it's still shocking to realize that the US media could get away with censoring the British BBC News which is known and respected worldwide, but they did. The BBC News did major investigations like "Secret US Plans For Iraq's Oil" that reveal the real reason the Bush ... (more)

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Series - We The People - Interview Hopeful Earth Change Expert#25

By Rose Mountain, published on Oct 31, 2007

...communities and invite our politicians to join us. We'll see who rises to the occasion and who has a real plan to tackle the defining challenge of our time. One year before the election, let's make sure the world witnesses our national call to action:" See Article #22 in this Series INTERVIEW BELOW--"Leading Australian Scientist Tim Flannery on Global Warming and the Worsening Dangers of Climate Change Denial" Oct 25th, 2007(This transcript is available free of charge. However, donations help us provide closed captioning for the deaf & hard of ... (more)

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Series - We The People - 10/27 Mobilize For Peace #23

By Rose Mountain, published on Oct 26, 2007

... Bush Admin, State Dept, neoconservatives in Pentagon, Oil companies create plans to invade Iraq for Oil. *EVIDENCE IRAQ & IRAN *EVIDENCE IRAQ & IMPEACH Articles #1-#20 in this Series Article #18 on Oct 27th *SHORT VIDEO Video by Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films, made in support of the October 27 mobilization. *SHORT VIDEO... (more)

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