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Abandoned Ship

By Glenn T, published on Feb 25, 2008

...but hey, it hasn't stopped me thus far. Which is not to say there haven't been some up-sides to the surgery: I'vegotten a lot better at myXbox 360 - including become a pretty kick-ass drummer on Rock Band, I've made at least ten cool new playlists for my iPod, and I've started writing for BrooWaha again (cue theapplause track) - becauseIhad previously devoted all my writing time to a blog/weekly gossipthing for my teammates (who it turnsout don't give as much of a damn as I had hoped). So hereyou are benefitting from my solitude.

The terrible thing about this entire process... (more)

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Hung Over Hollywood

By V, published on Feb 10, 2008

... to a screeching halt directly in front of me and she marched in brandishing a bag of rice crackers. But now at least I know. I found out myself. The Master Cleanse is not for me. It totally wigged me out. Not eating is simply too bizarre. Come Monday, I will start my own version of a much kinder, gentler juice and vegetable thing. I wish I could remember what regime my now real-life Broowaha friend (of Broowaha Burlesque fame) suggested when we were walking between a bar and the Equator Books party last night, but I was drunk. I should have got him to hold my cigarette as I wrote it down.


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January's Featured Contributor: Gary Schwind

By Digidave, published on Jan 30, 2008 far and some of them have been absolutely fantastic interviews. If you want to know what the music scene is like in Orange County, follow Gary and he'll keep you up to date. With all the interviews coming in I wanted to get to know a bit more about Gary and how he approaches being a Broowaha contributor. If you are curious as well, keep reading

How does where you live influence who/what you write about and how you go about doing it?

I guess Orange County influences me because there are so many good bands (and other entertainers) that aren’t getting... (more)

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Talk About Your Come From Behind...

By D. E. Carson, published on Jan 28, 2008

... Obama for political death in South Carolina saying that he could expect no more than about 10% of the white population in that state for vote for him. Again, it seems that racism isn’t the big factor in this race as some people would want us to believe, right Hillary? Again we here at BrooWaHa pose the question: what exactly makes Hillary Clinton “uniquely qualified” to be president? I guess, and this is just me speaking now, she thinks she’s qualified to be president because she’s white. Ouch. Am I the only one who sees a pattern here? Every time... (more)

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Do You Want Your Face On Sunset Blvd?

By Ariel, published on Jan 24, 2008

...stay up for 9 weeks over the summer. If you think 3"x3" will be a little to small to fit your gigantic ego, nothing prevents you from buying a bunch of squares and compose a giant picture of your face.

Sam Mosley, founder of the project, accepted to answer a few questions for BrooWaha. The interview follows:

Who are you?

Sam. 29. Lawyer. Mom. Wife. Self-proclaimed cool kid. I now live in Atlanta, but was born and raised in L.A. and lived there until 2 years ago. I moved for family, economics, employment, etc., but there’s no place like ... (more)

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Series We The People Impeach Polls Bush & Cheney #34

By Rose Mountain, published on Jan 24, 2008

...ConyersHead of the Judiciary Committe.


KEY DOCUMENTS scroll down see left side

Series We The People

Article#33 overviews of key evidence

Article #32 text of Bill HRES 799 Impeach Cheney

Articles#1-#20 (focus on #4, #7, #11,#8 )

*Article #30 Congress Hearing WMD EXPERT outed by Bush... (more)

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Broowaha Writer On Strike

By rjlight, published on Jan 12, 2008

Actually I haven't been on strike, but I haven't been contributing to Broowaha lately. I started writing for Broowaha to gain exposure, experience, and because it was enjoyable. It is fun to be able to write about whatever interests me. Unfortunately, I also want to get paid for writing as well. There are writers who believe that when you write for free or for chicken feed you are doing a disservice to fellow writers. They believe that you would belowering the wage people will expect to pay for writer's service. There are other writer's who look atlow-paying work as an opportunity towrite.... (more)

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Pardon Me

By Credo, published on Jan 10, 2008

Pardon me,

If I have forgotten to greet you since you joined this web site, publicly I like to say; welcome to all new and future BrooWaHa contributors, subscribers and evaluators.

The New York edition has now grown to 71 members, the membership and fan club is constantly advancing right along side of each online journalist due to great compositions, excellent topics and even among on going debates. This web site is becoming extremely popular and eventually there will be no room available on the BrooWaHa servers to accommodate everyone’s... (more)

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Broowaha Burlesque

By V, published on Dec 21, 2007

Maybe most of you - like me - are pretty well the same person online as you are offline. Or maybe you are not at all who you say you are and simply revel in being a character of your own creation, weaving us all into your plot. Last night I met a fellow Broowaha Contributor for the first time and as far as I can tell, he is who he appears to be in his online persona. He was considering going to see an Afro-Cuban jazz band. I was going home to keep my freshly washed and flat-ironed hair out of the rain. What Contributor X did not realize however, was that he was also going to see a burlesque... (more)

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Merry Christmas To All Of Yous At Broowaha!

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Dec 14, 2007

After cooling down a bit from my last article, and getting my senses back together and feeling a little serene. I thought I'd be a good boy and to show you that my hearts' in the right place, I'll fight any man in the house! I'm kiddin' ya! On the serious note... I don't know too much about Hanukkah and Kwanzaa or anything like that. I'm just going to give you all a solid MERRY CHRISTMAS! Weather you like it or not and spare the political correctness about it. I don't want to hear it! I want to wish you the best that life can give. Happiness and Good Health! You are all a pretty good group... (more)

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