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What Will You Do When Broo Comes For You?

By Ed Attanasio, published on Apr 9, 2008

As I am sure many of you have noticed, BrooWaha really seems to be picking up steam and establishing itself as a top-tier citizen writer’s network. Ariel founded an online monster that has created quite a buzz and my prediction is that it’s only going to get more popular in the very near future and beyond.

One of the ways I can tell that Broo is succeeding in its mission to build a worldwide writers’ community is by the number of page views my articles are receiving. I am getting between 500-800 views per day, which I find amazing. I have never even come close to getting this many hits... (more)

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A Broo Deathmatch Champion For The Ages

By Glenn T, published on Apr 8, 2008

...But what I found in this process, is the Bill Friday that I don't think I knew before I started - and the El G I always knew was there. In the end, isn't that what these championship contests are all about?

In what I'm sure he will resent being called an "upset", the inaugural BrooWaha Writer's Deathmatch Championship goes to Bill Friday. Congratulations to both finalists and to Bill... It was quite a run for both of you.

The final brackets are available here:

BrooWaha Deathmatch

It has been a pleasure being your faithful scribe throughout... (more)

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My First Stalker!

By Ed Attanasio, published on Apr 7, 2008

...wrong. I Googled my name and lo and behold, I found my first hater. I’m not going to tell you the name of his blog, because he (or she) doesn’t deserve the publicity. But, here is what they wrote:

“I know a lot of you are wondering “what’s up with f-----g Broowaha lately”? Well I’ll tell you, Ed Attanasio just can’t stop writing about everything from the San Jose Sharks to what’s the best hot dog in San Francisco. He’s like a serial killer with a sharpened wit and nothing to do but blog.

Our sources have discovered... (more)

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And Then There Were Two - The Broo Deathmatch Semis

By Glenn T, published on Apr 6, 2008

...what you've got to say - and predictions for the ultimate champ. As many others have said, the comments have far eclipsed the quality of these pieces themselves, and I'm humbled before you - so keep up the good work...

The updated brackets are still available here:

BrooWaha Deathmatch

Where you can even now make predictions and print it out if you like (although none of you have)...

The results of the Championship will be revealed in my apartment on Monday night, and submitted to Broo shortly thereafter - which means that party attendees and ... (more)

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March's Featured Contributor - Ed Attanasio

By Digidave, published on Apr 2, 2008

...There is so much going on here when it comes to art, theater, music and politics. I am not a very political person, so I write about things that interest me, like doing restaurant reviews, sports stories and articles about dogs, which is another one of my interests.

Your Broowaha logo, is there a story behind it?

No, I have changed my Broowaha logo several times. The photo I have now is one that I found online. It’s a little dog dressed up like Batman. I love dogs, as I mentioned, and Batman has always been my favorite superhero and I liked the... (more)

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The Broo Elite Eight - Getting To A Final Four

By Glenn T, published on Mar 31, 2008

...fiery, and ultimately silly week of analysis ahead for the Broo Brackets and the remaining three games, and I can't wait to read it.

Thanks to all who have participated so far... you are all great!

The updated brackets are available here:

BrooWaha Deathmatch

Where you can still make predictions and print it out if you like...

Semifinal winners will be available on Friday, and the results of the Championship by the end of the weekend...

Have fun with this Final Four and the resulting matchups... And... (more)

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The Broo Deathmatch Sweet Sixteen Results

By Glenn T, published on Mar 28, 2008

... hasn’t really weighed in since the Broo Brackets bega, but I think it’s mostly because he’s defending himself against TravelingSeth’s calls for Broo “transparency”. For God’s sake, people, NH actually had someone do a pre-fight interview ( The De Facto Grand Champion (Nhemerson) moves on from The Throne to the Great Eight… and in the immortal words of Keith Jackson: “the legend continues…”

El G vs Glenn T

It’s seldom that anyone gets to fashion... (more)

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Aspiring Journalist Excited To Write For Online Paper

By Aaron S., published on Mar 27, 2008

Gina Harwick, sophomore student at Cal State University Northridge, has recently discovered a new outlet for her substandard creative writing passion:, an open-membership online citizen's newspaper. Harwick, an English major on academic probation for the third time since she started her academic career, is excited by the prospect at writing stories so that "everyone to read about the interesting stuff in my crazy world."

"There are stories everywhere! Just the other day my cousin said something really cute about birds and how they walk funny sometimes. I can't wait to... (more)

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Number 1 Seed Nhemerson Ready For Next Round!

By FreexRus, published on Mar 26, 2008

I had the chance recently to sit down with the legendary Portland columnist, Nhemerson before his second round bout of the first annual Broowaha writer Deathmatch. I was reminded by his support staff (a yellow sticky note on his door) that this was a great honor and I should treat this interview like the gracious gift that it was. It went on to list the rules of interviewing such a dangerous man; No direct eye contact at any time, no mentioning of signs of aging like slight belly paunch or receding hairline, and that any mention of Dandy Warhols lead singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor... (more)

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Earth Hour 2008 A Global Movement.

By aussiekeith, published on Mar 25, 2008 the US, Thailand, Fiji, Canada and Israel committed to participating in the event and sofar I have heard nothing from others countries who a participating, in this event, to date.

It would be nice to have comments from not only Australia, but other countries, involved, here in BrooWaha, which would also be good for promotion, BrooWaha , to others in our world.

It all started in Sydney - and now the rest of the world is joining in.

Two million Sydneysiders and more than 2200 businesses turned off their lights to inaugurate Earth Hour a year ago. A... (more)

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