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High End Muay Thai Training Camp Features

By mgibson, published on Jun 13, 2014

... training camps are being arranged where almost anyone can start learning this art. Whereas this art is good to learn, you must understand a few things before you join any camp. There are certain features that you must be aware of. Here are those features of Muay Thai – also called as Thai Boxing.

One can use 8 body limbs in this art regardless of a limited use of body parts. One can be stronger enough to fight against a group of strong attackers. One can be stronger enough to fight against attackers with arms like knife, wooden sticks, etc. One can learn this art to represent... (more)

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Can You Defend Yourself?

By Ed Attanasio, published on Dec 3, 2010

...days at Theta Chi Fraternity at San Jose State in the late ‘70s. My record is 1-1, and the loss was definitely a knockout. So, after the recent incident, I decided to inquire about learning how to defend myself effectively. I considered several forms of self-defense—karate, judo, or boxing. And after some thought, I decided to try boxing.

So, I took a trip to the Polk Street Gym to see what I could learn about not getting my ass kicked at the park. The first person I met there was the owner, Simon “The Nightmare” Redmond. Redmond is an amateur boxer who came to the... (more)

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The Spirit Of Boxing Lives On In Youngstown, Ohio

By Christopher Wager, published on May 14, 2009


His story starts out a humble one of a young kid hanging around the old south side gym. With his hope and dreams of some day becoming a true champion in his pocket, Kelly quietly trains and learns. Until, at the young age of 18 he explodes onto the boxing scene in 2000 turning pro. Since then there’s been no looking back for Kelly. He has shown the world through his lightning jab and “The punisher” strait left that he truly deserves to wear the World middleweight belt. Kelly’s official record stands at (34-1, 30 KOs).

His recent title defense at the Chevrolet Centre: 229 East... (more)

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The Perfect Punch

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Sep 24, 2008

... the side of his face. Fullmer didn't see that punch coming just like I didn't see the same punch thrown by 'Chillie'. Robinson got his middleweight title back for the fourth time and Fullmer had no memory of what happened and was disoriented from a punch the went straight to the record books of boxing history.Here's a fun fact for you: When Fullmer talked about that fight in particular he said, "Robinson was in the corner jumping up and down, and I thought he's in marvelous condition. How come he's doing exercises between rounds?" Robinson was celebrating, not exercising, his corner man said ... (more)

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The Remarkable Story Of Kenny Lane

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Aug 8, 2008

In this corner... Fighting out of Muskegon, Michigan comes a legend in boxing history... Kenny Lane. A crafty southpaw in the lightweight division. On August 19, 1963 he won the Michigan version of World Lightweight Title, which gave him the chance to fight for the world lightweight title against Carlos Ortiz on April 11, 1964 losing to a close 15 round decision. He fought Ortiz three times in his career and winning one out of the trilogy.

Lane also fought for the world lightweight title against his claim to fame bout against Joe Brown. He lost to a controversial one point, 15-round... (more)

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Jimmy Doyle

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Mar 16, 2008

...Levine on March 11, 1946 at the Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Between May, 1946 and April 1949 Levine was ranked by The Ring magazine as #6 Middleweight in the world. Doyle went to the St. Vincent's Charity Hospital after the bout, suffering from a severe head injury that threatened to halt his boxing career. Doyle outslugged his heavier opponent throughout the first eight rounds, and had a decisive edge on points. (Referee) Jackie Davis stopped the bout after Doyle went down for the third time in the ninth round. Levine earned a TKO and Jimmy got a concussion and a brain hemorrhage. He was... (more)

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Anger Management

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Jan 31, 2008 hand checked out because it was throbbing really bad. It was just badly bruised, but I let it develop into a rock. That's when I knew I had a problem with anger. The doctor gave me a number to some anger management office, but I long throw that number away. What saved me was going back to boxing!

I wish that I didn't throw away that number, but I cannot afford to make some doctor rich. Instead, I continued my therapy at the Broadway Gym. (The Pugilistic Writer) I did do some research over the internet on Anger Management and other problems dealing with the anger issues. So I... (more)

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