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As If It Was Scripted: Boston Wins the World Series

By Jeff Weisinger, published on Oct 31, 2013

Maybe they finally found something to play for. Maybe that’s why everything happened in Boston for the Red Sox the way it did Wednesday night when they hoisted their third World Series in 10 years in Fenway. Sure, it might have ended the “1918” curse of the Sox not winning a title at Fenway, or maybe it was something more.

Something tragic, that was turned into triumph.

If it’s true that sports can heal a city after tragedy, the 2013 Boston Red Sox are living proof. Much like the 2001 Patriots and the 2001 Yankees were after the attacks of September 11.

It seems like... (more)

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A “Perk” By Any Other Name

By DKIdea, published on Jun 18, 2013 a “have” in some way or another. The real crime here isn’t the media (ok...I’m stretching that), but the masses of news watchers that refuse to really think through the stories being presented. Fortunately...I’m not that type of watcher.

Let me start with a story by the Boston Herald dated February 15, 2013 entitled “Tale of 2 Cities!: Guess who gets preferential treatment near State House.” It details how the free parking spaces for state officials were plowed out within hours after the snow storm ended...but residents on the same street and surrounding... (more)

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The Madness and Malice of Bombers

By Caballero_69, published on Apr 18, 2013

Bombs are rankling malice given ferocious execution.

Obscenely they pervert technical ingenuity into malignant insanity.

Stealthy, assassins who slay without caring whose lives they steal

Turing satisfaction, hopes, and triumphs into sorrows, horrors, and tragedies

Only cruel, craven rouges bomb people celebrating community spirit.

Neither torturous logic nor grotesque posturing mitigates this atrocity!

Much time and energy will now be expended by trained investigators.

All possibilities will be evaluated and no stone will go unturned.

Resolute... (more)

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