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War Fatigue

By DKIdea, published on Dec 23, 2013


I don’t live in a bubble. I realize that past situations have dictated we, as a country, take action to prevent the spread of evil...that would eventually claim Americans as victims. World War II was a great example of this (although Pearl Harbor was the doorbell forcing us to answer). The Bosnian War is a great example of intervention that saved many lives and stopped genocide. The truth of that conflict though, is that the situation left to it’s own reckoning would not have reached our shores and taken the lives of our citizens.

So the question lingers, is Syria another Nazi... (more)

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An Evening in Mostar, Bosnia

By Bradley Fink, published on Oct 26, 2007

From a visit on July 30, 2006 -MOSTAR, BOSNIA When a place lends itself to the leisure of other people it generally becomes a haven for the lewd and the superficial. I am now in the fifteenth month of a backpacking journey that has taken me to some of the less contemporary parts of the world. In speaking with people and seeing their ways I have found that culture, above all things, is what makes a country endearing, and that a culture exploited is something lamentable. A place that panders to tourism is simply a place without a soul. With an old friend from the States I have recently... (more)

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