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Author DCS Chats About the Synarchy Series

By JaimeM, published on Oct 26, 2010 a famous occultist who believed that ancient beings from the land of Shambalah had a hand in directing the affairs of governments on Earth. Considering the topic matter of Synarchy the name fit.

Q: You’re currently on virtual book tour with The Ascension, book two of the Synarchy books. Please tell us about book two and how it fits into the overall series.

A: Book 2 picks up right where I leave everyone hanging in Book 2. I delve deeper into the story behind the Terenzios, and what has motivated one half of the family to work with the books villains the Brotherhood. I ... (more)

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The Perfect Family: An Interview with Kathryn Shay

By boomergirl, published on Sep 19, 2010

...and friendly, fun loving and interesting. In some ways, I patterned him after my own son, Ben, and we’re giving away copies of a CD Ben did in high school. Many of the songs are about loving a boy. It’s available free when you order from the Bold Strokes website at and also from my website, depending on availability.

How about the mother? Where does she stand on the fact her son is gay? Does she have a hard time accepting it?

Kathryn: Maggie... (more)

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Author Dr. John Bell Discusses the Changing Family Structure

By boomergirl, published on Mar 28, 2010

Dr. John E. Bell is a Surgical Podiatrist and a College Professor at Strayer University at the Shelby Oaks campus in Memphis, Tennessee. He's also the author of The Invasion of the Baby Daddy. We interviewed Dr. Bell to find out more about his new book and why he feels the American family structure is changing.

Thank you for this interview, Dr. Bell. Your new book, Invasion of the Baby Daddy, is quoted as being “a description of life, love and consequences of our choices that involve warnings with blended family issues on how the American family structure is changing.” Can you give... (more)

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Literarily Speaking with Kaylin McFarren

By boomergirl, published on Jan 27, 2010

Although Kaylin McFarren wasn’t born with a pen in hand like so many of her talented fellow authors, she has been actively involved in both business and personal writing projects for many years. As the director of a fine art gallery, she assisted in furthering the careers of numerous visual artists who under her guidance gained recognition through promotional opportunities and in national publications. Eager to spread her own creative wings, she has since steered her energy toward writing novels. As a result, she has earned more than a dozen literary awards and was a 2008 finalist in the prestigious... (more)

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The Evil Librarian

By TheGuysPerspective, published on Dec 21, 2009

... computer and it wasn’t coming up. I checked it out about six weeks ago so I think you have it here.

Librarian: Let’s take a look.

We walk over to reference computer.

Librarian: What’s the title?

Me: “Spaceship under the Apple Tree” (It was one of my favorite books as a kid. I want to read it to my kids.)

She types it in. Many books come up, but not that title. She tries again. Nothing.

Librarian: Obviously you’re way off on the title.

Now I’m really annoyed.

Me: Actually. No. That’s the title of the book and I’m pretty ... (more)

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Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here

By Anastasia , published on Sep 24, 2018

A picture is worth a thousand words, even when that picture is an amateurish drawing. The drawing in question shows a fourteen-year-old boy, stripped naked and suspended above a charcoal fire. He is secured to the ceiling by a rope tied around his wrists and a chain around his ankles. As he writhed in agony away from the flames, he was secured in place by one of his tormentors by means of a steel hook through his abdomen.

The boy’s name is Shin Dong-hyuk. The time is 1996. The place is North Korea, a concentration camp, to be more exact. Shin was born there, the product of a casual... (more)

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Interview with James R. Bottino - Author of The Canker Death

By JaimeM, published on Sep 24, 2018 using my hands. These events focused my efforts and helped me to prevail in my dual goals: being a father to my daughter and completing my first novel, The Canker Death. I currently live in a suburb of Chicago, with my wife, daughter, two Australian cattle dogs and far, far too many books and abstruse computers.

You’re currently on the virtual road, so to say, promoting your new release The Canker Death. First, give us the gist of what your book is about.

A: It's both an adventure and a journey of self-discovery for the main character, Petor; a top-notch... (more)

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