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Crowdfunding for Fiction

By Shane Joseph, published on Jan 13, 2014

...advance, this time, paid forward by readers. But then I tried to look at the pros and cons (I’m cautious by nature) and this is what I came up with:


a)Money paid up front to recognize the writer’s effort.

b)A vote of confidence by readers on the success of the book.

c)Advance publicity for the writer and her work

d)The opportunity to create new followers from the crowdfunding space.

e)A yardstick to measure the book’s potential before going through the expense of publishing it.


a)Publicly perceived failure if the... (more)

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Book Review: The Mystery of Being

By Ely North, published on Jul 22, 2013

I picked up this book thinking it was going to be a mystery novel, a light entertaining whodunit that I could mindlessly read on a relaxing summer afternoon. What I got instead was a heavy philosophical treatise on Christian existentialism which delved deep into the question of existence, of what it means to “be.”

Have you ever read a philosophy book? It’s not ideal for a relaxing summer afternoon, unless your idea of relaxing involves slogging through dense confusingly worded arguments for and against obscure metaphysical concepts that hurt your brain to think about, exasperatedly... (more)

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Book Review: One Hundred Years of Solitude

By Ely North, published on Apr 24, 2013

I’ve read this book twice, and had completely different reactions to it.

The first time, I hated it. It told the long bewildering history of a wild family. The plot was indecipherable: a series of impossible/supernatural events were treated as normal everyday occurrences, and none of them seemed to have any point. The narrative jumped around between time periods, which was confusing. Also confusing was the fact that all the characters (through several generations) shared the same handful of names. The book structure was aggravating: long run-on sentences and paragraphs that... (more)

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Book Review: The Jungle by Upton Sinclair

By Ely North, published on Feb 19, 2013

...of society. After all his suffering, Jurgis finally finds a sense of hope in the welcoming arms of the Socialist Party, which strives for the overthrow of the oppressive system in favor of a more fairly balanced society.

After reading of the appalling atrocities contained in this book, I was so happy that I wasn’t alive a century ago to witness such blatant corruption throughout society. Then I started to take a closer look at modern America. What I saw was eye-opening: businesses conspiring to fix prices; industries spending millions of dollars to lobby elected... (more)

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Gestures of KATHAKALI

By Rahul, published on Feb 11, 2013

...gestures. Besides these twenty four gestures of Hastalakshanadeepika there are a few others, known as identical and mixed gestures. Identical gesture expresses more than one symbol with a single gesture and mixed gesture means more than one gesture used to show a single symbol.

In this book by Dr. R. Sreekumar, more than six hundred symbols are mentioned and explained in a simple language along with one thousand and two hundred photographs, including twenty four fundamental gestures given in Hastalakshanadeepika, and also mixed and related gestures. This book is a great guide for... (more)

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Nora Ephron’s “I Remember...Nothing”

By HomeRearedChef, published on Dec 31, 2012

Reading Nora Ephron’s last book, “I Remember...Nothing”, triggered my own memories and now I “remember” everything. Well, at least enough so that now I remember what I “will miss” and “won’t miss.”

I just finished reading Nora Ephron’s “I Remember...Nothing”, and though I in every respect enjoyed the book, said to be “Breathlessly funny....” by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, (and I agree because I did laugh at some points), I nonetheless poured tears throughout the book; I guess I found the hidden sadness. And much of how she viewed life, I found I can relate.

I relate (from page... (more)

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Surrendering Talents

By Shane Joseph, published on Nov 22, 2012

...set it adrift in the water. “And this can go along too. My fingers cannot reach the chords fast enough anymore – arthritis.” It was a good Catania, one I had played often but never owned, and therefore, always desired.

A tear rolled down his cheek as he took out a well-thumbed notebook. He flipped the pages, smiling at some lines, getting angry over others, looking proudly at the horizon from time to time. “You are hard to give up,” he said hesitantly. “You are all my thoughts, desires, and machinations. You are the messages that came to me from across the water, in the... (more)

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Social Marketing = Viral Book Sales? Think again!

By Shane Joseph, published on Jun 15, 2012

As my follower count in the social media universe rises by the ‘000’s, I am wondering what that does in terms of expanding the number of buyers for the products I have on tap – i.e. my books. There is no exact 1:1 correlation of followers to buyers. There is not even a 100:1 correlation. And if I am the only one facing this issue, then I must have a problem with my marketing message, or my books suck, or else others in my situation are keeping mum.Here are some of my observations on book marketing in the social media universe (and I would welcome any thoughts to the contrary):

1) We... (more)

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Giving it away for free. Why?

By Shane Joseph, published on May 11, 2012

I am inundated by new writers offering me free e-content these days. “Download my book for free!” And this has led me to realize why the traditional world of publishing, that is, those who try to make a living out of this business, have circled the wagons on their industry.

It is almost a given these days that a new writer has to self-publish his book and give away the e-book version for free. Some say that you have to give away three free for every one sold at $0.99. That is less than 25 cents per copy. How long will that take before you amass the minimum required to receive your first... (more)

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Review of Tetterbaum's Truth by S.R. Claridge

By Allbooks Review , published on Jan 19, 2012 as it seems and just when you think you’ve got a handle on the good and bad guys, the plot somersaults. And even though it’s pitched as mystery- suspense, it also contains a healthy dollop of romance. Right off the bat we get some exciting romantic conflict, which carries throughout the book.

Here’s how it goes: following a tragic accident to her father, Angel inherits Tetterbaum’s Pub. Even though she has a good head for business, she isn’t the best at choosing men in her life and to make matters worse, her doting aunt is continually fixing her up with losers. Then, an ... (more)

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