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Death to Emo

By Gary Schwind, published on Oct 15, 2007

...more good-looking. You never hear that he had three women and there was a mountain of cocaine on the table and eight bottles of Jack Daniel’s and he did it all. He did it all by himself. He didn’t even share with the girls. You hear about social responsibility. Leave that to Bono. That’s his bag. I want some bands that are gonna raise fuckin’ hell. They’re around, they’re just not in the public eye. I think at some point, people are gonna realize they’ve been had. They’ve been hoodwinked. The Fallout Boys of the world are gonna... (more)

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High Praise in Deadwood

By Sherlynn Hicks, published on Mar 18, 2007 crime itself or flamboyant criminal lawyers, but I read a book by Adlai Stevenson…He said law was as noble as any other profession. The chance to save a person's life… You know that I refer to myself as an ignorant man, almost a lawyer. My friends are lawyers and have done pro bono work. And I look around. But I still dream.” Sanderson says the words, but I hear the ache to belong of J.F. Sebastian in “Blade Runner.” I ask about the decision to not take the bar and go “try acting.” “That's probably the toughest question…. it... (more)

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Note to Bono: World Saving 101

By Chris Volkay, published on Nov 10, 2006

Hello Bono. As you have recently been named one of Time magazine's "People of the Year," I thought a few tips on how to really save the world might be in order. Rock stars have a long history of involvement in social issues. Dylan and the Beatles pioneered rock star social consciousness in the 60's. In the 70's it was George Harrison and his concert for Bangladesh. Then the 80's, Live Aid and Michael Jackson's "We are the World."

200 million pounds were raised by Bob Geldof to combat world hunger in 1985. Of course, 200 million pounds is only one weeks debt repayment of third world... (more)

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What can YOU do?

By Shari G, published on Oct 13, 2006

Okay, quick schpeal (sp?)~ So there are some of us who have this desire to want to help others but sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of money and time it would take to help others who are in need. Something simple, U2's Bono has begun a new campaign entitled "Red". Instead of just donating your money over to a charity or volunteering time in your busy life, he has designed a way for you to get something back in return. There is a line of products called "Red" which include t-shirts, cell phones, converse sneakers, etc. where if you purchase these products, half of the proceeds will... (more)

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