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Black Top Road - a musical ode to Piedmont blues.

By iancochrane, published on Mar 14, 2013

Upright sleeves of vinyl records – Mayall, Joplin and Bloomfield – sit above a dishevelled shelf of 70 assorted blues CDs, and these days an under-used turntable. I read the CD titles from left to right, tucking in a Broonzy and dusting off a Burnside.

I grab another, wrong way round, lifting it clear and prying it open until the printed jacket floats to the floor – the cover’s plastic nib broken – the artwork landing with track titles and credits up, along with the scrawl of Dom Turner’s initials in thick black text. Dom is the iconic blues guitarist of Australian group the Backsliders.... (more)

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Food For The Soul

By john robertson, published on Nov 1, 2010

...and well today. I came on a Friday night with my best friend and my lover. I was feeling grouchy after a hard week at work and a few personal let downs. "I know exactly the thing to cheer you up," my best gal said. As we arrived in the parking lot, I could hear the sweet, melodic crying of the blues band and felt it was a good first impression. Audiences love their blues singers to be miserable, and misery loves company, so I was instantly at home. inside, the electricity was infectious. The band was really feeling it, people were moving their heads to the... (more)

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A Gift Tonight From L.A. to San Diego Jay Buchanan

By RLSegarra, published on Feb 4, 2007 the stage and blew away the audience with the power that came from his voice, his guitar and his presence on stage. From his first song that had every woman in the palm of his hand to some familiar Buchanan songs, Temptress, True Love, and All hell Breaks Loose to the beautiful and bluesy Need For Sex from his solo cd, the crowd was his. The audience enjoyed his banter which was both sexy and witty. He set the tone and upbeat feeling and energy for the rest of the evening and did what every performer wants to do, he left the audience wanting more. Jay and his band... (more)

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