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Hurricane Sandy has turned NY/NJ upside-down.

By Lartinos, published on Nov 1, 2012

A lot of people are detached from the world and taking cold showers while their basements are filled with mud and worse as many people are smelling and seeing oil as well. People are getting in fights at gas stations over who is next, as human emotion is getting the best of people. Very chaotic time in NY/NJ, many people lost their cars from this storm as they just floated away. I saw a report that the subways could be partially back tomorrow, but some are still under water still right now. As I look in the East River right now it has been high tide for days in a row here. Hopefully it goes... (more)

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Bloomberg Is Not A Kinder And More Accountable Giulliani

By Teresa Montez, published on Jun 24, 2009

Bloomberg is not a kinder and more accountable Giuliani!!!

Mayor Bloomberg recently called a reporter a disgrace for asking him a question about his justification for running for a third term. The question was a legitimate one; Bloomberg was claiming that the economy was rebounding. The reporter asked whether this undermined his theory that under these tough economic times, Bloomberg was the only one who could pull us through with his business savvy. He deflected the question ,looking mildly annoyed, and then when he didn't think anyone was looking he got his revenge. He looked dead... (more)

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Culture Clash, The Trials Of Living With Wealthy New Comers

By Teresa Montez, published on Apr 27, 2009

...was outraged calling me foul names and screaming wide eyed "When your child runs out onto the street I'm gonna laugh!" Maybe this is undersandable they have been sold the illussion that they can live here now because of the "safety" meassures put into place by Giulliani and and continued by Bloomberg.

They have been sold the illusion that it is ok for them to pay $3000 a month for an apartment that used to go for $400 because a few "cosmetic improvements" and "private rooftop access" make it that much more valuable. They often talk of the "bad old days" even though they never... (more)

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