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Reasons Why You Need to Buy Tumblr Followers

By chrisezine, published on Apr 22, 2014

Tumblr is one of the greatest micro blogging social sites out there. Many people use Tumblr to blog on their views, as well as share pictures, video clips and audio messages with other Tumblr users. Businesses, firms and even young entrepreneurs use the social site to advertise and market their businesses, and use it to create and promote brand awareness. With many people using Tumblr every day, it has become the perfect place to market your business and products online. You too can benefit from using Tumblr to increase your online presence by increasing your Tumblr followers. One of the... (more)

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How To Make Money Blogging: (And Why You Need a Blog)

By Andrewspenceonline, published on Oct 20, 2013

Many a time have I been asked two questions. 1) Do I really need a blog and 2) Can you show me how to make money blogging.

Having a blog online is very important in many ways. You may come across people who tell you that it’s a complete waste of time and doesn’t do anything, but that’s the opinion they have formed.

Generally, the people that tell you not to waste time building a blog are mostly those that don’t like putting their face out there and make themselves easily findable online. They prefer to sit behind their computers and make money without anyone knowing who... (more)

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Why must we hate

By Shaun Gibson, published on Sep 11, 2013

Hatred as I see it, even in my own backwater middle of nowhere country is taught, we are born pure and innocent, then we become the person we are taught to be or told to be. I was taught hate on a large scale and I went with it in a big way, then one day I looked at my 3 year old son, started to cry and walked away from it, I found love, compassion and more, then the pain came, I always wonder to this day, why did the pain come when I woke up to intolerance and hatred

Karma is the best I can come up with to this day, I did some awful things as a kid and a young man, but doing... (more)

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Why does google insist on punching bloggers in the face?

By thebritishmenu, published on Aug 26, 2013

... have no definitive answer as to why. Google has a huge monopoly on not just bloggers but the internet itself.

I like to think that as far as bloggers go I write pretty well, I like to think that there are people that enjoy my writing and ultimately enjoy my food, and that's all I've ever wanted to do. I have since learned not to put all my faith in google, and I clearly need to diversify my traffic sources, It looks like I will probably have to re address my SEO too, the problem is it bores me, and as I sit here writing, I think to myself.....

What happened to just blogging?


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Blogging For Profit

By Andrewspenceonline, published on Jul 16, 2013


You may think that blogging needs to be some big, time-consuming process that keeps you up at night wondering how you’ll ever compete…but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Like any new skill; learning to write and promote your content efficiently is a simple matter of understanding the big-picture of what you’re trying to accomplish, and then learning the tools & tactics used by the people already having success with it. Blogging is not necessarily easy, but it certainly can be relatively simple.

... (more)

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I Think, I Feel, I Write

By melanie jean juneau, published on Jul 5, 2013

Think low and think high.

Oh, the thinks you can think up

if only you try!

Dr. Seuss

I have often needed help during my first year on the internet. I still barely understand 21st century technology. Other writers always answer my how toquestions. More importantly, fellow bloggers comment on articles, award them and promote my blog without expecting anything in return. What an unexpected example of Christian charity for a ‘stranger’ who is a novice on the computer. For example, seeker told me what a Daily Prompt was and how to link to another blog. I had struggled... (more)

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Immediate Help Finding Blog Topics

By darinlhammond, published on May 25, 2013

Sometimes writers get stuck! Whatever your blogging niche, idea generation weighs constantly on your mind as you have to crank out that next blog post. The real problem is that you want the blog post to be great, reach readers, go viral, and make you famous.

But, you are realistic and would be satisfied with a solid post that enhances your brand and attracts visitors.When you have written for a few years, sometimes the well lacks a bit of water. It's hard to come up with new, valuable blog posts everyday.As a university writing instructor, I face this wall with 60 students each semester.... (more)

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Introducing an Illusive Blogger

By melanie jean juneau, published on Apr 22, 2013

...forest on which I played as a child.I too have played pooh-sticks on the actual pooh bridge, just as Christopher Robin did all those years before.And Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the famous Sherlock Holmes novels, lived and wrote there too.

I still read as often as I can, although blogging is rapidly becoming my new pastime, and it’s harder to find the time. My “to read” pile is becoming progressively taller.

I’m a huge Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams fan, love Stephen King, Iain Banks, Spike Milligan, Stephen Fry, John LeCarré, and many others, but will try... (more)

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Blogging for Smarties by Yvonne Wu

By Yvonne Wu, published on Dec 25, 2012

...that people turn to for information about anything and anyone. Company addresses, information about a person, and reviews about a product are viewed before the visitor decides to purchase. Authors are looking for tools that teach them how to get create a presence on the internet.I started blogging using Wordpress in 2008. I noticed at that time there was not a lot of material for beginners who are new to the internet and may feel overwhelmed. I became excited to find out that visitors as far away as Russia were reading my blog. As well, I started to receive comments from as far away as... (more)

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Blogher's NaBloPoMo and National Health Post Month

By melanie jean juneau, published on Dec 2, 2012

...doors existed at all. I discovered whole mine shafts of facts, opinions and antidotes within me that I connected effortlessly to examples in my own life, especially my life as a mum.

A scarce few months ago I sat frozen in front of a keyboard, typing up stilted stories about my kids. Blogging helped the prison melt because I was not trying to write to a wall; I was writing to real people who responded, offered encouragement and helpful tips to me, a computer illiterate. Now this month, NaBloPoMo pushed me to open deeper doors not only to my intellect but to my spirit and soul as... (more)

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