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Why does google insist on punching bloggers in the face?

By thebritishmenu, published on Aug 26, 2013

...something I did to help readers find recipes better suddenly meant I was producing duplicate content and as such google penalized me. I say this is the reason but I can never be 100% certain. or so and I still have no definitive answer as to why. Google has a huge monopoly on not just bloggers but the internet itself.

I like to think that as far as bloggers go I write pretty well, I like to think that there are people that enjoy my writing and ultimately enjoy my food, and that's all I've ever wanted to do. I have since learned not to put all my faith in google, and I clearly ... (more)

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BlogCatalog a place where bloggers & Readers Connect

By Angie Alaniz, published on Jun 5, 2011

...think that blogging will eventually die out? My answer to that is: As long as you’re staring into that beautiful screen of yours where you’re getting most of your information from, then “NO”, no way, of course not. Not only is blogging bringing in a little extra cash for some of you bloggers but also it’s become a social phenomenon. Today it’s a whole new universe, and at BlogCatalog we’re connecting not only to our readers but also to the people behind their blogs. Our own blog, on BlogCatalog, has become quite interesting to thousands of other bloggers who come from... (more)

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A Dating Service for Brands & Writers

By TonyBerkman, published on May 27, 2011

BlogCatalog the social network that connects bloggers and readers launched the BC IMHO Circle today a blogger to brand program is designed to further open channels of communication between bloggers and and brands.

According to Angie Alaniz of BlogCatalog, "IMHO is Internet slang for 'In my humble opinion' and is widely recognized on blogs, forums and message boards. Accordingly it works exceptionally well with the blogger demographic and represents what we are asking of our members."

"The IMHO : Circle of Writers Program is open to anyone who writes and is not just to BlogCatalog... (more)

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Terminology-- Blog Catalog 2.01.0

By Libdrone, published on Oct 9, 2010

Terminology. It was an odd thing to be thiking about as I read Tony Berkman's as always gracious and eloquent request to users at Blog Catalog to "focus on the solution rather than the problem" in providing feedback about Blog Catalog 2.01.0 which some users felt was released too soon from a limited beta release, which had been available to community supporters or Plus members as they are now called in the new 2.x BC world for about a month.Blog Catalog's Thursday release of the new version software for their popular blog directory, forum and portal website took some beta testers, as... (more)

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The Blogger: Voted Person of the Decade

By TonyBerkman, published on Sep 6, 2010

This decade has been marked by turmoil and the rapid pace at which new crisis face us. Despite the challenge, bloggers and the tools that they have enabled, are "the person" of the Decade. They are heroes. If not for bloggers, there would be no Facebook, no Twitter user - bloggers themselves, and no news coming out of countries that were held down by authoritarian rules.

BlogCatalog is organizing a Celebration in the Alamo City to mark the end of this Decade and to recognize the good the positive impact that bloggers represent. As web 2.0 is all about iterating, the event... (more)

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Future of Blogging without Pollution Caused by A type blood

By TonyBerkman, published on Aug 5, 2010

My last post, "Are A-List bloggers polluting the blogoshpere?" received mixed reviews.

I was told

"Since most A-List bloggers receive the lion's share of traffic and subscribership, I would tread lightly here. .... You have a wharped view of the blogosphere" bySourceBlogger

"Hmmm, I am getting 20,000 hits a day . . . making $1200 a day off of ads, nice, time to add more ads" byHenryRPlumeyJr

"I say cut these guys slack. They have worked very hard to build the kind of online following they have and being able to turn that following into an additional revenue stream... (more)

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Study reveals that Twitter will not replace Blogging

By TonyBerkman, published on Oct 26, 2009

Las Vegas, Nevada,  October 15th  -  In an in-depth study, released at BlogWorld Expo '09, sponsored by of over 100 bloggers and social media experts, found that most bloggers do not foresee micro-blogging platforms, such as Twitter, which limits a participant's posts to a certain number of characters, replacing blogging.

During the course of the interviews, conducted by Spectrum Brand Strategy, LLC,  it was suggested that micro-blogging and social networks may become a point of entry for digital natives,... (more)

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