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Why the West is in Decline

By Shane Joseph, published on Aug 23, 2013

...Companies of the Dutch, English and French? Where are they today? And did not their demise also spell the beginning of the end for their respective countries’ colonial empires? Closer to home, there is a historic echo taking right now in Waterloo, Ontario – the home of the once mighty Blackberry.

Weak Governance: when politicians lack the will to make tough decisions that may lose them the next election but will place their countries on paths to prosperity, then we are facing the inevitable ticking time bomb. Printing money and providing failed companies with unconditional... (more)

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Trying to imagine life without social media

By Shane Joseph, published on Feb 3, 2013 order to be relevant, despite Facebook and Twitter sending you those “How are you doing?” messages when you are minding your own business, or Klout warning you that your score is dropping because you have been silent for awhile. Taking social media-less vacations is a good idea, and retreats from “always on” to just read a book is also good for the soul. And most importantly, selfishly carving out time for contemplation and meditation is paramount.

Okay, now that I’ve got that off my chest, where did leave my Blackberry…? There really is no going back, is there?


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Do YOU know who's watching you???

By The Savvy Passenger, published on Nov 30, 2011

...unless **I** decide to give them that information.

Tonight, an article regarding the public's privacy being in danger was released by the GIZMODO site. It talks about an insidious little program that has been placed into the root programming of virtually ALL Android Smartphones, BlackBerrys and Nokia Smartphones. It's called "Carrier IQ" and this program not only collects ALL of your personal information, including passwords, screen names, secure website information and SMS texting sent in confidence to your personal contacts. To make matters worse, it transmits this... (more)

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It Just Works - Xmarks Grows Up, Gets Bought, Go Premium

By Jack Bates, published on Apr 7, 2011

My original article on Xmarks covers the basics and they haven't changed. The video is a decent review of Xmarks sync on the iphone. This gives a good visual overview of how easy Xmarks is to use.

Last Pass works on what they call a "Freemium" model where almost all the services and content are free. Additional content and services can be acquired by paying a small fee for premium access. They have brought this model to Xmarks. The mobile access on my Andriod OS to my bookmarks was well worth the $12/yr. Xmarks Premium is the best browser backup and sync solution for mobile users... (more)

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