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Enrico Dal Covolo, The Lateran is well known as the “University of the Pope"

By DailyFocus, published on Jul 4, 2014

For Bishop Enrico Dal Covolo, rector of the Pontifical Lateran University, Catholic universities can be models of authentic international higher education. The Lateran is under the direct authority of the Vatican and is thus known as the “University of the Pope”. Bishop Dal Covolo identifies its particular charism as the teaching of law, and its distinctive approach to that field exemplifies the synthesis of philosophy and theology that he says is vital to pursuing the fundamental questions. Uniquely among Rome’s pontifical universities, the Lateran offers degrees not only in canon law but... (more)

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Mons Dal Covolo Catholic universities models of education

By DailyFocus, published on Apr 15, 2014

... teaches are “apparently only technical,” said the bishop.

This idea, which dates back to the birth of universities in the Middle Ages, and whose recent champions have included Blessed John Henry Newman and Pope Benedict XVI, has fallen out of fashion in Europe and North America, Bishop dal Covolo said. Prevailing tendencies there promote instead the model of the technological institute, or the “multiversity” with no core curriculum.

“The big risk is that the university ends up at the service” of the “dominant ideologies” and “economic systems of the moment,” ... (more)

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