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Beyond Chikin’ and Kissin’ People Are in Pain

By Thom Hunter, published on Aug 14, 2012

Chicken sandwich wrappers headed to the landfill in record numbers. Digestive juices didtheir duty. Thousands upon thousands of waffle fries worked their way into the calorie count.

And now we're hungry again.

Thousands of men and women who struggle with sexual identity, poised between the pain of the pull, paused to watch the lines grow and the commentators commentate and the pundits pundit and beneath the wash of explanations and declarations, they pondered the rationales and motivations and tried to uncover what it all means for the gnawing inside them of a pain that feels... (more)

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Were You Born That Way?

By wolfmomma, published on Jun 15, 2012

...was very strong. He denied quite vehemently, that he was not. So, I dropped the subject. When he was 15, he came to me on his own and declared to me, after pussy-footing around a bit...that he was bi-sexual. My reaction to this was total acceptance. I asked him "Are you gay or bisexual?" He looked at me and I could see the worry in his eyes. I told him either way, it was ok. The look of relief on his face was plain to see. He admitted that he was indeed, gay. Well, I were born that way. He was amazed at how easily I accepted it. I think that he was... (more)

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What Do the Gay People in Your Church Look Like?

By Thom Hunter, published on Mar 17, 2012

What do the gay people in your church look like? Do you spot them by their flamboyant clothing . . . their mannerisms . . . their declarations?

When a brother or sister in your church came to you to ask you for your help and support in their personal struggle against homosexuality . . . what did you do to walk with them? How did you respond the last time this happened to you?

“Oh . . . we don’t have that problem in our church,” you say?

If you are a typical church, you do.

Statistics show that one out of every five church members has a family member or close friend... (more)

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Wait for the Whisper

By Thom Hunter, published on Dec 9, 2011

Even youths grow tired and weary,

and young men stumble and fall;

but those who hope in the Lord

will renew their strength.

They will soar on wings like eagles;

they will run and not grow weary,

they will walk and not be faint. -- Isaiah 40:30-31

The man slept. Finally. His body had pleaded; his mind had relented; his spirit was depleted and his heart had retreated, so he slept. It was restless, not restful, and the dreams were not sweet, but instead added to the eventual misery of awakening, leaving him already tired upon rising.... (more)

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Gay Culture: The Mouse that Keeps on Roaring

By Thom Hunter, published on Nov 5, 2011

I confess to having been a sinner my entire life, revealed by my own actions, always in danger of being smashed like a gnat by someone big enough to demand retribution . . . but always in hope of being picked up and set free again by someone big enough to forgive. I've often perched on the top of a magnificent peak, foreboding with the potential for destruction, but dazzling with its view of hoped-for restoration. Better there, though, than down in the valley where those who refuse to acknowledge their own worldly shortcomings mingle with those who don't believe they can ever be forgiven and... (more)

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