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How to Choose a Bicycle Helmet

By Katie Li, published on Jan 1, 2014

...are three main types of bicycle helmets, all of which have specific functions designed for different types of riding:

Sport helmets: these are usually the cheapest choice and are used not only by bicycle enthusiasts of all kinds, but also by skateboarders and inline skaters.

Road bike helmets: These are designed for long trips and are equipped with special ventilation and aerodynamic designs.

Mountain bike helmets: Designed to provide good ventilation, even at lower speeds, which are common when you're constantly changing directions and speeds when mountain biking.... (more)

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Q&A: Bicycle Advocate Angela Koch

By Josh Marks, published on Aug 24, 2010 fix a derailleur gear or change a flat tire. Koch's passion is in educating people about the joy of choosing two wheels for fun and commuting.

That's why we in the D.C. area are lucky to have nabbed her from Portland. Koch is currently the Events & Advocacy Coordinator at popular bike shop Revolution Cycles. She recently took time out of her busy schedule for an email Q&A with Green D.C.Green D.C.: How did you first get involved in bicycle advocacy?Angela Koch: I've lived car-free or car-lite for the past 15 years so bikes as a solution to a lot of problems has always... (more)

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