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The Green Mile

By Credo, published on Dec 5, 2013

"The Green Mile" is a 1999 American drama film directed by Frank Darabont adapted from the 1996 Stephen King novel.

“Academy Award nominated film adapted from a novel by Stephen King. It centers around the lives of death row inmates and their guards. In particular the plot surrounds one of the inmates who is a man with mystical powers, who can cure the sick and on occasion bring back the dead. During his incarceration, a guard notices how gentle the prisoner is despite his alleged heinous crime ( molesting and murdering two blonde haired Caucasian female children) and his tremendous... (more)

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Imagine – John Lennon - In cartoon

By Shaun Gibson, published on Sep 20, 2013

...point. This simple cartoon, I hope can make people understand the song a bit better. I think this is just BRILLIANT! The message is “HOPE, PEACE AND LOVE” Nothing more, nothing less. People who follow Religion always tell me “it’s a metaphor” when I ask about some things said in the bible or ask questions about God or the lack of God in action through prayer. I mean to upset nor hurt anyone’s feelings here, only put something into context. We can’t have our cake and eat it in this World. The Metaphor in this song is “HOPE, PEACE AND LOVE” Xx

Just... (more)

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Spiritual Warfare and Comet ISON - Roy Potter

By Shaun Gibson, published on Sep 7, 2013

This lad Roy Potter is an ex military man, and is doing some CRAZY video's just now, he is always on the point as far as I can take. He is telling us all, Evil is ruling the World right now. Just listen to what he has to say. If you can spare 20 minutes, FOR FUCKS SAKE, Listen to what he says, and do some research! PLEASE! The video below is something, come to your own thoughts, just your own

ASK GOD, he is asking


PLEASE WATCH THIS RE: COMET ISON !!! THIS IS WOW, This is filtered... (more)

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Take your religion and shove it...

By Inmyredhead, published on Mar 29, 2012

...and I had our little hearts broken by this aforementioned Jehovas Witness family member. When someone pretends to care for you and swoops in like some kind of champion of our little struggle filled lives, and then come to find out they only want you on Wednesday's because Wednesdays are bible study days for them and the rest of the time it's like we didn't exist? It kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Eventually we came to the realization that we were little more than a potential religious conquest to him. I'm sure in his heart he cared. But he cared only because he felt... (more)

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The Seashore

By Betty B., published on Mar 1, 2012

I'm walking down the sandy beach Lord, hoping to hear your voice in me, the world is crazy outside here today, I'm praying you lead me right to your way.

As I walk I pray your here, wanting to feel your touch so true, its hard at times and more pain is near, I'm praying you keep me so safe and sound.

I see the beauty inside my soul, I hear the sounds as I walk the shore, why does my life always seem so poor, I look at others and their world seems so new, why do they act so violent toward you.

I know your touch and how it can change them, why do we all have such a time rearranging... (more)

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By Betty B., published on Mar 1, 2012

When the deep dark wind of pain starts folding in around me you take hold of my hands and wrap them in love.

It seems that this way of darkness unfolds right before my eyes it's your love that keeps me alive

So precious is the thought that unwinds of the way things use to be when you found me the first time

You shelter me in Thy Grace Your hands touch my face

Your ways are true when we meet one day in the world anew the shadows will fade and you'll make me new

Oh how I long for the time when I see you coming in the sky your heart in mine the darkness leaves... (more)

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Butterfly Love!

By Betty B., published on Feb 25, 2012

Do you ever watch the butterfly?

The beauty in its colors.

The love in its movements

its just like no other.

The butterfly is my favorite

of the bugs and the flowers

the love it shows is like Gods hand

its touch is soft and full of grace

so gentle in its movements like the Lamb.

So as you walk in the spring

watch the butterfly as it lands

see how it moves and let it stand

on the flowers God made for us and it,

take it slow and never skip.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


All poems... (more)

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Our helper, understanding

By Betty B., published on Feb 21, 2012

February 19, 2012

Our helper, understanding

I was doing my Bible study one day and came across several things I wanted to share about the different kinds of Christians. As I was studying I also came across the parable of the sower. We can compare which kind of Christian belongs to each seed or seeds. As we go by day by day living our lives as Christians we know that the Holy Spirit came to lead us into truth John 16:13. I always pray for the filling of the Holy Spirit. There are so many teachings out there so we have to really know and understand what God says in his word. It's... (more)

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I was thinking of you, Lord

By Betty B., published on Feb 11, 2012

I was thinking of you just today, Oh,how beautiful you are in your own way,

I think of the words in the Bible alot, how you moved mountains and never lost control,

I was thinking of you Lord,just today your ways and the love that comes my way,

today Lord,you used me so much how wonderful it is to touch others with your love,

I was reading a book and thought of the blessing, that you gave in a story and warmed my heart.

I was thinking of you Lord,and I got a call, someone needed you, I let your love fall,

Your love fell from me to the soul on the phone,... (more)

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His Love

By Betty B., published on Feb 10, 2012

Lord,today I need to have a sense of Your presence I need to know Your here with me.

I have failed You so much in my life I can't seem to lose all this strife.

I am tired of running the race I seem not to win but in the end with You I know the victory is already won.

Its the sin in this world that leaves us blind why can't we see the way it is.

Only Your touch leaves me longing for Your embrace I feel like a failure in time of trial, why is it hard Lord to get out of this denial?

I know Your there, I see it in the sky I see it in the flowers growing wild with... (more)

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