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Give Me Dreams to Live Till I Die

By Uttam Gill, published on Jul 25, 2013 yourself that not this time “I will let you ruin my time….I have my dreams…I have my purpose…I have to live with smile on my face…I need to share that smile with others…I need to live as I dreamt of…I need to accomplish as I wanted to…”

The conventional sense of belief says that with age people wither…their dreams wither…they tend to lose the sense of direction…they just give up…Where as my experience says, no you never wither as long as you are alive on this earth you exist as you are…Never let the conventional belief convince you…Keep your mind ... (more)

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Oh! My God

By Uttam Gill, published on Oct 16, 2012 summon messengers/custodians of God into the court for compensation. He pleads that since it is an ACT OF GOD, the God must compensate him and that’s how he drags priest of all the religion into the court and thereafter the hilarious drama unfolds the harsh reality of our so ill conceived belief on God.

Let’s examine the ground realities of established beliefs and practices of religion…Are these an ACT OF GOD or that of human being? As I ponder, I say “Oh! My God….”

Can you imagine world without a God. Have you seen a God? How he looks like? What kind of dress... (more)

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Freedom Never Dies

By Uttam Gill, published on Jul 11, 2012

Why do we admonish the one, who wish to take a course, which is perhaps not as per the conventional norms? The matters of life are designed and one is expected to live in the given frame work of rules, tradition, customs and belief. My foot, it’s incredibly depressing; no freedom defines any parameters and if it does, then perhaps the freedom itself, as we perceive, is flawed.

The so called, crusader of freedom loudly proclaim from the citadel of their make believe rampart, that we all need to live freely. Oh! God it’s a blatant lie. Nobody is free to choose. Time and again, I have been... (more)

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They reject the shibboleth of hypocritical world.

By Uttam Gill, published on Apr 28, 2012

...appearances of life in lesser creative mode cease to expand beyond the world of restricted outlook. In the dominance of satanic forces world cry.

Consummating liars walk hand in hand and their shenanigans results into total neglect of sanity. Hypocrisy falls for paltry sum of outrageous belief. But on the contrary, this shibboleth doesn’t work for those, who wish to live life with utmost closeness to the truth of their heart and belief. They create life to rejoice and they don’t pretend. The exploratory mode unseats the dejection and thrill takes over; from there journey begins... (more)

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The Faith

By Uttam Gill, published on Jan 11, 2012

Tyrant hands of time taunt me.

Apocalyptical warnings make e shudder

In the bottomless pit of dreary dark uncertainties

I am falling and yelling to escape

From the ashes, I wish to rise

Hands offering to lift me up

Steering restlessness into the calm corollary

I know now, that I have the supporting threads

I have with me now the hands, which hold me

Yes, the time which took away, has now given me back

I have with me the gains of my lost time

I know now, that I have the reason to smile

I have with me the faith... (more)

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Lunatic Having his Luna to Smile With

By Uttam Gill, published on Jan 3, 2012 to yell over such dastardly observations.

The seasoned man unknowingly become an exhibitionist not knowing, that this won’t fetch him the real happiness…his steal resolve is applauded because people wish to see him as they perceive but not as the shredded victim of conspiring belief of the world. You may say to hell with this man…I pounce back to say to hell with you…hellish are your belief…hellish are your action…hellishly you have caused doom…your pretensions are apocalyptically inclined towards darkness not willing to see the light…Hell is where the darkness ... (more)

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Those who dare to dream

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 21, 2011

...spell of hypocrisy. Nobody can bring those desirable moments for you on a platter unless you yourself have genuine reasons to live those moments. The most common phrase is that “I am not the kind of person who gets into the luring trap of her or his sugar coated talks.” The arrogance of belief extinguishes the most genuine thoughts of care. Instead the most beaten path is followed.

All enveloped thoughts of hypocrisy to me are redundant and impotent to fetch any result worth smiling. Yes I dare to challenge the convention not with the sense to be victorious but with the... (more)

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Crying Wolf

By Shari G, published on Jul 8, 2011

...That has a set of circumstances that runs far deeper than the clean-up of the first one. I say this because I had the experience as a young girl of going to my family to tell them of something awful that happened to me, and the best and most beautiful gift they gave me was their complete belief and support in me. I know so many children whose family/parents didn’t believe them in tough situations and they not only had to deal with the scars from the incident but also had to go through life feeling somewhat abandoned by their own family at their greatest time of need. I believe that... (more)

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Bang! Life or Death Decisions

By Gurmeet Mattu, published on Dec 21, 2009

...with Mick lots of times, the differences between them. Soldiering wasn’t all bluff macho, there were reflective times, which they denied of course, but Mick and he had talked of dying. And Mick, in that quiet way of his, that calm, confident style, had told him of his Catholic faith. His belief in Jesus and His church. His belief in heaven and redemption. And Billy, the failed Protestant, believed in nothing; after death was oblivion. And that terrified him.

Yet here was he, challenged to risk his one chance of existence for the life of a man who had no fear of death.

... (more)

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