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Born to be unusual

By Unexpected Traveller, published on Apr 11, 2010

Thanks to Murphy and his annoying law, I arrived in Brussels only to have my hand luggage stolen while on the train from the airport. It was a classic con with people moving around in the carriage re-arranging their luggage on the overhead rail because they kept changing seats when in fact they were moving my hand luggage around. I reported this to the police and am now trying to replace my passport because of impending travel.

The inside of the passport office is as dreary as any other governmental department but I caught the tail end of a heated argument between one “customer” and... (more)

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Belgian PM is the new EU President

By Mritunjay, published on Nov 19, 2009


Rompuy is seen as a consensus building, low profile leader who would not upstage the typical big powers and their leaders in Europe. His appointment is said to be backed by Germany and France. He was appointed Prime Minister of Belgium in December 2008 before having held the position of President of the lower house of parliament since July 2007.

A Christian Democrat, while being the budget minister previously, he took a tough stance on the economic policies of the nation ... (more)

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More astounding news from the European wilderness

By Simon, published on Dec 17, 2006

Holy crap! The most exciting piece of news since, like, a long time, has taken place in Belgium! That's right! The very same country this reporter wrote about some time ago is now in the throes of a heated debate on the sensitive subject of, get this, a hoax presented as genuine news. Viewers were made aware of this an astounding half-hour after the show began, and a half an hour is a very long time - especially when your attention span doesn't exceed that of the average goldfish or, in the worst cases, that of the average American. Before getting to the hoax itself, here's a brief description... (more)

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