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How to Save A Human Child

By Lumiere, published on Feb 22, 2014

10- Empower Bees and Butterflies: In some countries, like the UK, bumblebee species have gone extinct already. Many butterfly species are also struggling. We need our Pollinators to ensure that our Trees and Plants bare Fruit and our Flowers blossom. Support Ecological Farming and Eco Friendly Lawn Care by doing some research and making efforts to purchase plants, bulbs and seeds free of neonicotinoid and systemic insecticides because the fact is most insects are harmless. Many well-known garden pesticides contain neonicotinoids which are toxic to our environment and kill bees and butterflies.... (more)

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Scientists Discover What’s Killing the Bees and it’s Worse than Thought

By Shaun Gibson, published on Jul 28, 2013

...disease-bearing parasites and poor nutrition. But in a first-of-its-kind study published today in the journal PLOS ONE, scientists at the University of Maryland and the US Department of Agriculture have identified a witch’s brew of pesticides and fungicides contaminating pollen that bees collect to feed their hives. The findings break new ground on why large numbers of bees

As we’ve written before, the mysterious mass die-off of honey bees that pollinate $30 billion worth of crops in the US has so decimated America’s apis melliferapopulation that one bad winter could ... (more)

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Velvet's Bee

By Paul Wylie, published on Sep 5, 2010

...and Velvet was right there, rubbing against my leg. Stinger in the nose? No problem. Can't see where she's going because of her watery eyes? Not a big deal. Because she knows the sound of that particular cabinet door opening, and she knew full well it meant TREAT TIME! Hallelujah for stupid bees and the TREAT BAG, because so far, even while I'm writing this, I'm feeding her more and more of the things.

The bee is now a little pile of mush. I put it in an envelope, (thinking to take it with me to the vet), and pounded it's stinger less body into nothing for hurting my baby. And... (more)

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No Insects in The House!

By Arcticulates, published on Aug 14, 2010

Summer time is the best time for hunting! Hunting insects that is... according to the children 10 years old and under, who hang around my house all summer.

The thick freshly cut green grass is a tempting draw to the mighty bug hunters. They can't wait to finish breakfast so they can race outside and find all the hidden treasures living in the sweet smelling blades. It's worth the risk of scraped knees to crawl around and find the things that jump high and far, and others that are long and fuzzy and tickle your hand when you hold them. And who can resist the challenge of escaping a sting... (more)

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