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The Sound Of Sirens

By D. Sager, published on Jun 13, 2013 her voice seemed, a wafting fragrance that captivated both mind and body and caused me to drift aimless but not so misdirected as one lost, for my wanderings found their home in her arms. Ok, now that I wrangled my dreams from their abyss, I can take my sweat soaked bedding and snap open a beer that waited for me in the icy bottom of the cooler. Simple pleasures, intense dreams, cold beer, what more could a man want from chasing the pleasures of his Queen? I could go on but would you be interested in the musings of one who gave his ear in desperation of love, or one who wrote under the ... (more)

Tags: dancing, dreams, philosophy, ice, dance, street, beer, sleep, sounds, aimless, sweat, pillow, sirens, edgar allan poe

Beer Flavored Ice Cream

By Scorpion Sting, published on Apr 3, 2013

...I like to use alcohol in different ways, like cooking. But, I still enjoy mixing, creating, and conjuring up new drinks in terms of being experimental, that will never change I am afraid. In the spirit of looking for new creations I was on-line looking to find out how to make the perfect beer ice cream float. You know, I was looking for what kind of beer yields the best results. Which for me is all new information since I do not drink beer, I only cook with it. So, this whole quest started out as an inquiry from friends of mine who thought just because I was a bartender that I... (more)

Tags: ice cream, beer, minor, legal age

Jim Beam Me Up, Scotty!

By Bessie Jewel, published on Apr 15, 2012

...has made arrangements with an establishment here to hold a discussion of God whilst sippin' a few cold brews.

Clearly, the good pastor thought this was a fine idea and a cool way to drum up business. Besides, if you're going to set about letting your light shine, it needs to shine on the beer-drinkers, too. And, while some denominations are more rigid about the consumption of alcohol than others, there's most likely nothing inherently wrong with knockin' down the suds from time to time.

What made me laugh out loud and tell my husband that we seem bereft of common sense these... (more)

Tags: beer, theology

Barbie Says

By john robertson, published on Nov 10, 2010

I accidentally stumbled upon this place around midnight after getting lost in Emeryville. (Don't ask. Just use your imagination.) Like a lighthouse in an ocean of asphalt and big box stores, Can't Fail Cafe beckoned me to the light of beer, barbecue and deep fried goodness. I flipped a "U-ie" and tried to find parking: none! The place was packed. I could tell this was gonna be special. I walked in and got my name on the wait list. I instantly noticed the wall of Barbies displayed in all of their crassness. Scarey Barbies, funny Barbies, sexy Barbies, trashy... (more)

Tags: vegetarian, beer, diner, barbie, bar, burgers, late night restaurant, east bay restaurant, emeryville, berkeley

Just the Beginning (part 1)

By taking off the mask, published on Jul 23, 2010

... blade in my hand the red blood streaming down my arm. I let out a sigh of relief as my pain begins to go back to sleep. My father calls me to come down stairs ordering me around like he has for so many years. I look over the staircase to make sure it’s safe; he is sitting in his usual place, a beer in hand and a remote in the other as his feet rest on our very old coffee table. I walk down the stairs analyzing my every step hoping I’d fall and break my neck. He wouldn’t take me to the hospital anyway, he’d rather let me die. He never smiles at me never says something nice just a... (more)

Tags: depression, rape, abuse, cutting, drunk, ellen hopkins, beer

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