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Billy Crystal: Actor, Comedian,... Yankee?

By Jeff Weisinger, published on Mar 13, 2008

...Crystal kept his game-ball and experienced something that most only dream of.

“It’s a childhood dream, to get to this place,” Crystal’s wife, Janice, said. “For 59, his reflexes are amazing. Whether it’s on the tennis court, or baseball, or basketball, or signing a contract. He gets paid after opening day. I do know that.”

He is just another celebrity to play for a major-league baseball team in spring training. He follows the likes of Tom Selleck and Garth Brooks who also made the major-league debuts and finales in their ... (more)

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Loose Logic: Commercial Hip-hop Is Missing Originality

By Gary Schwind, published on Mar 10, 2008

...songs and performances, as well as what he thinks is missing from the hip-hop that gets a lot of airplay.

I’m sure you get this a lot, but what’s the story behind the name Loose Logic?It’s not too much of a crazy story. Before I started making music I was playing basketball in high school and we were on our way to a game. I liked hip-hop. I listened to it. Me and my friends, on the way to a game, we were talking about if we had an emcee name if we were a rap group. It came out of nowhere. This was a couple years previous to when I started. Then I made my first... (more)

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More Cattle Less Bull

By D. E. Carson, published on Feb 13, 2008

Following another political spaking at the hands of opponent Barack Obama, Hillary clinton addressed a crowd of supporters at the University of Texas, El Paso basketball arena attempting to use a southern expression about the lack of substance she believes is very apparent in the Bush Administration."There's a great saying in Texas: all hat and no cattle. Well after seven years of George Bush, we need a lot less hat and a lot more cattle."It's not readily apparent, but it seems that Senator Clinton thinks she's a cow. Of course, on that particular aspect of her presence, I'm inclined to agree... (more)

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Bus Stop 101

By Lynn Downey, published on Feb 12, 2008

...of the stuff they had hanging on the walls, and thankful for the security the garage provided.

But peaceful shelter didn’t save me from the lessons of humility and self-deprecation that often come along when you're the kid who is the last one called off the blacktop for basketball, and being the spelling bee champion is no help at all.

In the middle of the alleyway that I took to get to the rooster house bus stop was some sort of utility hole or manhole, covered with a rectangular piece of cement with writing on it. We never saw anyone working in or around... (more)

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NYC Is The Best Of The Best

By Credo, published on Jan 17, 2008


From Broadway shows and top NYC attractions to great dining and exciting nightlife, you're guaranteed to enjoy NYC! Some of the best parks are in New York; my favorite is the “West 4th Street Park” (this park by reputation is said to produce some of the best basketball superheroes) where all the good basket ball players attempt to strut their skills. New York City's many great parks offer a welcome respite from the concrete jungle of City dogma, with activities from bus tours and concerts to open spaces for picnicking and relaxing, dinning out under the... (more)

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What a throw!

By Glenn T, published on Dec 24, 2007 on film. I found out about Tyler McKinnon from a business contact, who had previously worked with his mother. Tyler is sixteen years old, and lives in Memphis, Tennessee. He’s a tall kid, six foot, six – lanky, and from what I hear, used to play a pretty mean game of basketball. He doesn’t play anymore. Just over a year ago, Tyler complained to his mother of shoulder pain – nothing out of the ordinary for a high school basketball player. The next day he was headed into St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Tyler was diagnosed with cancer. ... (more)

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Dog from "Air Bud" films in steroid scandal

By Shawn Norris, published on Dec 6, 2007

...when Bud or Buddy (to those close to him) was first questioned on a walk in Beverly Hills this morning, he seemingly ignored the barrage of reporters questions and treated the walk as if it were any normal day. When asked by a reporter from Fox News if he felt he had tainted the sports of basketball, baseball, volleyball football and soccer, Bud stared down the reporter barked loudly and then promptly defecated on his shoes. Many remember Bud as Barbara Walters 2nd most fascinating animal of 2000 after his athletically dazzling performance in his second film endeavor Air Bud Golden... (more)

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Book Review - Where I Want To Be

By Deltareviewer, published on Nov 26, 2007

...totally out of control. Alexis' girlfriends, Morgan and Claire, step in to help cheer her up by taking her on a girl's only trip. New Orleans is a vibrant city full of fun and romance. The girls go out on the town dressed to impress and meet three members of the New Orleans Hornets Basketball team. Morgan and Claire were ready to throw caution to the wind and ride on the wings of whatever happens but Alexis is very guarded. Until she meets Massai, he is a complete package – intelligent, handsome, and awesome ball player. Massai was determined to get to know Alexis even... (more)

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$168 Million? No One Wants to Be Like Mike Right Now!

By Ed Attanasio, published on Nov 15, 2007

Michael Jordan got taken to the hoop and slammed on like never before this week when his ex-wife Juanita scored a $168 million dollar settlement. Jordan made history on the basketball court and has now done it again in a different court. A winner in life but obviously a loser in the game of love, MJ erred when he evidently didn’t make Juanita sign a pre-nuptial agreement back when the couple tied the knot in 1984. What are these athletes and celebrities thinking about when they fail to get pre-nups? Are they crazy or just duped into thinking that their significant others won’t try to take... (more)

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Be Cool : Movie Review

By DLFerguson, published on Sep 20, 2007

...has a lot of fun with his rap impresario role. His character makes a big show of “keeping it real” and “being from da hood” but he lives in an all-white suburb and sends his daughter to an elite private school. He shows up for business meetings wearing an oversized basketball jersey over his Armani suits. He has a great scene where a Russian gangster tells him to “Be Cool, nigger” and he explains exactly why black people have contributed to the concept of “Cool” to world culture before he shoots the man dead. Andre Benjamin of the group... (more)

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