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It Will Be Lakers Heaven In 7!

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jun 5, 2008

...the road through the first six games, but then the Lakers will do it twice to capture the crown.

Both Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics fans have been anticipating a final showdown between their two teams. The NBA and the media are just as excited. It’s big-name marquee basketball and it’s creating electricity throughout the country.

According to their regular season records, and head to head match-ups, the Celtics are favored to win the series. Boston was the best team in basketball this year and no one will argue that. But, they limped through the... (more)

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Ding Dong The Witch Is Gone!

By D. E. Carson, published on Jun 4, 2008

Not since the Kansas Jayhawks won the NCAA championship in 1988 have I had the wherewithal to actually stand up and do the cabbage patch. In 1988, every time the Oklahoma Sooners won a basketball game, the players would stand up on the sidelines of the court and start doing the cabbage patch. It would radiate up through the seats of the arena and spill out onto the campus. When the Jayhawks won the championship 83-79 at Allen Field House East (Kansas City calls it Kemper Arena) there wasn’t a fan on the campus of KU who wasn’t doing the cabbage patch as an “in your face” act of defiance.

... (more)

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She's Hot, But Psycho?

By Lila M., published on Jun 3, 2008

...that were claimed Malone had made, which he later denied stating it was a misunderstanding. Obviously, “The Mailman” does not have a stain free record when it comes to women and monogamy. But you also have to consider that in Karl Malone’s 18 years playing professional basketball, this was the first time another baller’s wife (not random hoochie) had accused him of this type of stuff. Why hadn’t any other wife come out to say he had propositioned them also? Because there weren’t any others he had made an inappropriate “pass” against and... (more)

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Should The U.s. Postal Service Comemorate Barrier Breakers

By Curtis, published on May 12, 2008 the urban settings, its roots, and it is proper to recognize in mass those players, both African American, Hispanic and Latin American and other main stream players that have made baseball the sport it is today.

When we talk about America's Game, we instantly think of football, or basketball. Wrong, it is baseball... And it is that fact that baseball at its height generated the heros that baseball fans have an affinity with. To remember the time before high paid agents (Lawyers), and free agency, when players talking to young fans and signing slips of paper, and baseballs were ... (more)

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Why The Hatred For Hockey?

By Gary Schwind, published on Apr 19, 2008

...Both of those leagues seems to be as popular as ever. Besides, most Americans were probably too busy watching "reality" shows to notice that hockey went missing.

Is it simply a lack of familiarity? Hockey has always been less available on television than football, baseball and basketball. That being the case, a lot of Americans haven't grown up with hockey. Add to that the fact that you don't see hockey players on a lot of ads (like Peyton Manning for instance), and it is easy to see why a lot of folks are not familiar hockey like they are with other sports. Still, that... (more)

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Still In Rain Delay

By Jeff Weisinger, published on Apr 16, 2008

...where the media paid more attention to Bonds' steroid case rather than focsuing more on the young stars like C.C. Sabathia of the Cleveland Indians and B.J. and Justin Upton.

There's the typical answer that baseabll is just not as popular, or easy to play, compared to football or basketball, in the inner-cities compared to the suburbs or small towns.

Most NCAA Division I schools do not give out as many scholarships for baseball compared to that of basketball or football.

In short, MLB is currently on pace to revert back to the time where there were no black ... (more)

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The Broo Deathmatch Sweet Sixteen Results

By Glenn T, published on Mar 28, 2008

...and “Moody’s”? But then there’s V; who came back in the middle of the tourney and broke every beating Broo heart with the news of her marriage. Even as Bill and I fought back the tears to say “Congratulations” she managed to keep charming us with her basketball innocence and unflappably good spirit. I don’t think I could get a single ex-gf of mine to sit and watch an NCAA tournament game with me (which may have something to do with restraining orders, but you get my point) – and yet there’s V… cheerily volunteering to... (more)

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Fiesta Lakers

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Mar 27, 2008 the first Mexican National to play in the WNBA. Ms. Silva joined Michael Cooper in the Los Angeles Sparks booth to sign autographs and pose for pictures. “It is a very pleasant surprise to be able to bring Brisa on board,” said head coach Michael Cooper. “She is a good basketball player with good international experience and a skilled point guard that we could use on our team.”

“I have always dreamed of playing for the Sparks,” Silva said. “It’s true that hard work pays off. I’m excited to have the opportunity to show... (more)

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The Broowaha Deathmatch Writers Bracket

By Glenn T, published on Mar 18, 2008

...El G5. Digidave6. Alethea7. Glenn T8. PLAY IN WINNER (Mean Mike Duffau vs Jen)

There was actually some method to my madness, although I don't feel compelled to explain it, but rather leave it to the same conspiracy theorists who believe that the old men who select NCAA Men's Basketball teams for their tournament actually set up particular match-ups for "storyline value". To put it simply - Edition winners got to stay home, and the rest was a "quality spread"... Of course there were some snubs - feel free to let me know who they were.

Provided that there is... (more)

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Stop Whining!

By icanluvulongtime, published on Mar 17, 2008

...and to the point, someone may actually read this.

Paul: How long is this going to take?

Me: Not long. We are discussing men’s minds.

Charlie: See you are already ratting us out. Why do you do this?

Tim: You got like three minutes dude. (Tim always has a basketball in his hands and is always passing and shooting even if only in his mind, as he is now).

Me: Who would you guys like to date the most? A professional woman (for Tim’s sake I explain that this means like an attorney or a doctor), a stripper, a barely legal eighteen-year-old innocent ... (more)

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